With growing traffic and worries on the Indian roads, hiring a chauffeur to make your commute easier seems like a viable alternative. Due to other priorities, you are unable to drive your family to places; this is where a chauffeur comes handy. A chauffeur would be able to drive your family to places during your absence. 

You’d consider your chauffeur a knight in shining armour as he makes your commute easier and life simpler. However, a whole different story could be going on behind your back when you aren’t physically present in the car with them. It isn’t possible to keep calling them to check up on them from time to time. 

At times like these, it is crucial to have some form of check on your chauffeur, and the lack of good GPS car camera in India makes it difficult to do so. However, thanks to today’s technological advancements, devices like KENT CamEye helps not only keeping your chauffeur in line but also ensures that your car is safe. This futuristic device is the real knight in shining armour with the best GPS Car Camera in India and much more!

If you’ve been having your doubts about your chauffeur, KENT CamEye can clear your doubts and makes sure that your vehicle and loved ones are safe. Here are a few worries that we’re sure that you and everyone with a chauffeur have faced, but with this device, you can wave all your troubles goodbye! 

KENT CamEye Saves the Day!

Prevent Exploitation of Resources 
KENT CamEye helps prevent the chauffeur from misusing your car’s resources behind your back. Often, chauffeurs tend to use your car’s air conditioning in your absence when parked. The intelligent device has AI-based smart alerts that notify you when your AC switches on. If you do receive an alert, you can call out your chauffeur and rectify the behaviour.

Check the Whereabouts 
Waiting outside the salon for your chauffeur but wondering what’s taking him so long to get to you? Your chauffeur could be making a detour to get his personal work done by taking a detour or stopping the vehicle midway while he is unaccompanied. This puts your vehicle in direct threat as well as exploits your resources. With KENT CamEye, you can track the whereabouts of the driving through the live streaming GPS feature. This feature also helps when your little ones are unaccompanied with just your chauffeur.

Ensure That No Mishap Occurs 
When your wife is coming back late at night from a party or a meeting accompanied by a chauffeur in the, your worries are off the roof. There are multiple possibilities in which your wife could be in trouble. Some of these are a car break down, chauffeur taking a detour or boarding an unknown person in the car. With KENT CamEye, you can GPS track your vehicle along with the two-way camera. That’s not all, you can also have a smooth back and forth conversation through the device with in-built mic and speaker feature when you sense something fishy.

Prevent Misuse of Vehicle 
While you are at your office, your chauffeur could be misusing your vehicle to gain extra money. This could be done by ferrying passengers on the road with your car. By doing such a thing, he not only puts your vehicle in direct threat but also misuses your resources. To avoid such exploitation, KENT CamEye comes equipped with face recognition technology and the best GPS Car Camera in India that helps detects any non-whitelisted person that boards your vehicle. 

End All Your Troubles with Just One Device
With KENT CamEye you can now ensure that your vehicle and loved ones are safe and secure even with your chauffeur. You know your family in good hands with AI-based smart alerts such as face recognition, engine on alert, engine ideal alert, AC on alert, and much more that you receive on your mobile device. You can order this easy to install and user-friendly device on your doorsteps from Amazon India website. You can also book a trial session, where a company representative will guide you through the device and its benefits at your home. Now, with KENT CamEye, bid all your worries adieu!