Many casual, as well as enthusiast players, want to participate in video game streaming, however, streaming upon a preferred gaming platform may be a tedious job. Streaming gameplay includes games sharing that you play and your reactions with remote audiences. You bring the complete internet to a game room. The most popular streaming platform these days is Twitch, but, there is a competition from YouTube Gaming and Mixer used for Windows and Xbox. 

Creating a Twitch account

Before you stream videos, you have to create an account using a streaming service. Twitch is a developed service and provides a wide audience. You can create a Twitch account quite easily. On the tight top side of its website, you can see the Signup button. You have to enter your Twitch username, your birthday, password, and your email address. 

Setting up scenes and sources

After you have set up a Twitch account, you have to download as well as install OBS. The process is installing and downloading just like other programs, but, it must be straightforward. After you have installed it, you need to run it. Some of the interactive elements are the including;


Optimize Broadcast settings

After you have set up a scene, you have to optimize the stream settings. It is a difficult part as you have to get the right balance between performance and quality. There is no need to have a beautiful stream in case it flips and there is no need to have a fast stream in case you cannot see what is going on. 

You should play with the following features:

Resolution Capture
Resolution Downscale
Bitrate Buffer

The OBS website has a tool known as an Estimator. You have to enter your computer’s graphics card, processor, and the kind of game that you are streaming, game resolution, and uploading speed. The Estimator shall take this information and offer you optimal settings that your computer can handle to stream. 

Streaming with Mixer

Streaming on Windows PC along with Microsoft’s streaming app, Mixer that streams to the website and iOS and Android apps. It is a straightforward process but its potential audience is not very large like Twitch. 

You can begin by signing up a mixer account through its website or the Game Bar that can help you through this process. You may access a Game Bar. From there, you can click on a Broadcast button, select the capture source, and details such as a microphone, camera placement, video quality, and camera permissions. 

After that has been set up, you may click the button “Start broadcast” and begin streaming. Ensure that the PC is powerful as streaming is an extra workload. 

If you follow the above steps that are outlined above, you can click Begin Streaming and all the things that are in a current share shall be broadcasted. If you find the quality of the stream is not good, you can play freely with other settings.