Steam is easily one of the best platforms for hardcore games. While you can buy and download video games elsewhere, Steam is more reliable. On top of that, the platform provides consumers with excellent discounts frequently. If you want to buy a good game for your computer, you should always check out Steam. 

Just remember that you might run into some weird individuals when playing multiplayer games you’ve downloaded on Steam. If you do, they might start creating problems for you. Therefore, you’ll want to do your best to avoid these individuals. There are numerous ways to do that. One of the best things to do is hide the games that you’re playing on Steam.

Within this guide, you’ll find out how to do that and why you should.

Why Bother?

First and foremost, you should figure out why anyone would be interested in hiding the games that they’re playing. Well, you should know that Steam offers tons of information about players. It can tell you what games you’ve played and how long you’ve been playing them. While it might not seem like crucial information, it could be. You might be playing games aren’t considered cool or trendy. If so, you may want to keep this information hidden. Thankfully, achieving this goal won’t be too difficult.

Simultaneously, you may wish to keep your gameplay hidden from a friend, spouse, or parent. Well, this won’t be too difficult. Steam is a user-friendly platform and you won’t need to jump through too many hoops.

How To Do It

Have you concluded that you would prefer to maintain your privacy? If so, you’ll want to make sure that your activities on Steam are hidden from others. To achieve this goal, you may need to make changes to your Steam profile. In the early days, Steam profiles were marked public. This was the default setting. This has changed since Valve decided that they should keep them private. Nevertheless, you have the option of making the switch. If you want to do so, you’ll need to start by hovering the mouse cursor over your username. It can be found in the right-hand corner.

Now, you should click on the Profile option. After that, you should see an option that says My Privacy Settings. You’ll want to click on that. Now, you’ll need to find the Game details section. It will say Public or Private. This is the setting that you’ll need to change. If you want this information to be available to others, you should choose Public. Otherwise, you’ll want to mark your profile as Private and keep this information hidden. This will ensure that when you play casino games and benefit from the baccarat formula nobody will know about it.


Ultimately, Steam is a great platform for gamers but you may need to tweak the settings to get the most out of it. With that being said, you should focus on protecting your privacy. Make sure that you check out the privacy settings so you can know what information is being shared. You always have the option of making your profile private. If you make your game details private, you can sleep soundly knowing that nobody will be able to find out what you’ve been playing.