There are plenty of VPN service provider brands in the market, and each one of them is making huge efforts to advertise and promote their product. In this stiff competition, buyers often get confused about which one is the optimal option for their routine needs. 

Well, if you are also interested in enjoying geo-restricted content, we advise you to check the features/settings of the best VPNs that each user should be aware if. Here I have created a useful list to ease your decision-making process.

1. Updated software and apps

The performance of a VPN can be analyzed in terms of the software and app it uses to provide connectivity on desktop and mobile handset. The software developers need to make huge efforts to make it stand ahead of the competitors in the market. Even if you get an interactive interface for the first time, it is important to check how often they update their apps. The latest versions keep on receiving better performance with bug fixes. You can enjoy the enhanced performance with every new update. 

2. IPv6 leak protection

IPv6 address is assigned to your device when you get connected to the internet. But with a higher number of smart devices working actively in the market, the IP addresses are running short with each passing day. In such situations, the IPv6 leak is one of the biggest threats to your online activities. In case your VPN service provider doesn’t handle the IPv6 leak protection carefully, it may cause trouble for your online security. Look for a VPN that offers enhanced leak protection under its advanced settings. 

3. Clear logging policy

Unfortunately, most companies are selling their VPN services wrapped in false promises. Hence, it is often difficult for the service seekers to find the best one. Before you start using any VPN service for your streaming needs, it is important to ensure that they follow a clear logging policy. You can find details about it on the Privacy Policy page of the company. Instead of getting fooled by the rich marketing hypes, it is better to check the status of how they collect data, how they store and use it. Make sure you go ahead with a trusted company. 

4. VPN kill switch

VPN kill switch leads to reliable performance over the network. This feature basically cuts the network access of your device whenever the VPN gets disconnected. It is one of the most advanced features for a VPN, and it is really useful for sensitive data transmission over the network. It will ensure that your computer stays always protected and encrypted. Some VPN service providers call it a Kill Switch; however, few others promote this feature as Network Lock.

5. Server options around you

They may be talking about having multiple servers at different locations, but it is not essential that they can meet your needs. The moment you face trouble while streaming, it is always easier to connect to the fastest server which is near you. Experts reveal that VPNs that are having servers close to your physical location are more likely to meet your speed requirements on the go. Before you choose any random VPN service provider, it is better to check the list of servers on their map and find if they offer quick switching to the fastest server.

6. SmartDNS capabilities

There are so many reasons to prefer SmartDNS option over regular VPN. The biggest one is that SmartDNS allows users to deal with geo-restrictions in a much better manner without compromising speed losses. Generally, the VPN connections provide encryption services for all the traffic. This process naturally slows down the data being sent and received on the channel. On the other side, SmartDNS can help you to enjoy uninterrupted services without data encryption. It can naturally improve your experience of streaming geo-restricted data. 

7. Connection Protocols

The VPN connection protocols generally come in a variety of flavors. You can find two most common options as lower encryption – high speed, high security – high speed. Each one of these promise a variable performance and you can make sections as per your needs. While making a selection for your VPN service provider, you must get a clear idea about their connection protocol. This feature can help you maintain the security and faster streaming experience for geo-restricted content.

8. Multiple connections

While living with family, you must be having multiple devices at home, and more often, all of them need a VPN connection to stream variety of content. But if your VPN doesn’t allow simultaneous connections, it is a total waste of money. Before you choose any random VPN service provider, it is important to ensure that they offer simultaneous connections. Some VPNs offer three, however, others may often six simultaneous connections. Your selection totally depends upon a number of devices you frequently use at home. 

9. Split tunneling

The split tunneling feature allows users to enjoy enhanced control over programs, apps, and other websites while streaming content. Users can manage which activities must be protected with encryption and which ones can be executed freely. This feature is really important in terms of speed management for streaming restricted content online. You may need to set split tunneling only for the programs that are restricted by the government in your area. Rest all can be processed in the regular mode.

10. Customer support

We never know when our VPN will start causing problems in streaming; sometimes, it may be in the middle of the night or at a most inappropriate time. But you cannot always wait for several hours to contact the customer support team. It is always good to find a VPN service that ensures 24x7 hour customer support. The live chat facility must be always available to the customers so that they can provide an immediate solution to the trouble faced by end-users. Although phone support and email support are also good options, there is no alternative to the live chat facility. 


There is no doubt to say that you need to pay for the best VPN features, but it doesn’t mean that it must force you to break the bank. It is always important to analyze performance and advanced settings of multiple VPN service providers and then choose the most suitable one. The prime idea is to maintain security and privacy while enjoying streaming at a reasonable price and speed.