In this modern era, steam cleaners have gained immense popularity all across the globe. There are several reasons for this fact. Steam cleaners are extremely useful in getting rid of stains, grease marks, and all types of dirt marks from almost any surface. It is also true that steam cleaners are extremely beneficial for the environment and it can also deodorize your rooms very easily. 

There are various types of steam cleaners in the market and these can be used for different purposes. Some can be used at homes; some are meant to be used for commercial purposes and there are some that are designed for industrial purposes. In this Dupray One review, we will take an in-depth look.

Dupray One Steam Cleaner
Dupray, one of the leading manufacturers of steam cleaners has a wide range of cleaners in this category for its customers. Amongst those that are designed for home purpose, the most popular is the Dupray One Steam Cleaner. It is designed to steam clean at a stretch of 50 minutes per fill. It comes with a 1.15L stainless steel boiler and has an intuitive control panel which consists of a steam-ready indicator and a low-water indicator.

The Dupray One Steam Cleaner comes with a 5m electrical cord along with a detachable steam hose that is almost 1.88m long. The hose has a clip that allows you to control the steam pressure and a childproof safety lock, as well. It is designed to be extremely sleek and user friendly. It weighs just 10pounds and the weight + design combination makes it very easy for you to store it when not in use. The best part about this steam cleaner is that it comes with 16 different accessories that lets you clean in every nook and corner of your rooms. You need not use any harmful chemicals to clean the surfaces when you use steam cleaners.

The Dupray One steam cleaner is designed to turn ordinary tap water into super-heated steam and also release the steam as per the demand through any of the accessories that you choose. Upon contact, the steam can easily get rid of filth, dirt, grease, bacteria, germs, and stains from almost any surface. This steam cleaner is designed to provide unmatched performance and superior value. All you need to do is touch the steam trigger and you are all set to use the machine.

It is also proven that steam can easily kill 99.9% germs and bacteria as compared to water. Thus, using one of the best quality steam cleaners at home to clean all the rooms and furniture will save you from using those harmful and toxic chemicals. It is also a known fact that steam cleaners are beneficial for the environment, as well.

Some of the specifications of Dupray One Steam Cleaner are 150 degree Celsius of steam temperature, 50.2psi of steam pressure, 50 minutes of cleaning time per fill, 16 different accessories with the cleaner, and a lifetime warranty on the boiler. The entire body is made of plastic and the heating time taken is 10 minutes.