Do you enjoy playing video games? Well, did you know that you are benefiting greatly from playing video games? Research shows that playing video games can offer many health benefits. These benefits are listed in the article below. Continue to play video games because you are benefiting greatly even if you do not see the improvements.

Improved Memory

A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience in 2015, revealed that playing video games with 3D effects can improve memory. The study was conducted by researchers from the University of California. The researchers chose 69 people to participate in the study. All participants took a memory test before the research study began. 

The participants were told to play Angry Birds and Super Mario 3D World for two weeks. The results showed that the group that played Super Mario 3D Word had better results on the post-memory test. 

The group that played Angry Birds showed no improvement on their post-memory test. If you want to increase your memory capacity, it is recommended to play video games with 3D effects.

Better Health

A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2012 showed that playing videos may improve health. The researchers chose 195 people to participate in the study. The participants were required to participate in physical and psychological therapies. The results revealed that video games combined with physical and psychological therapies may help improve the health outcome of players.

Playing games on websites, such as Ufabet, may help you improve your health. But, you will need to participate in some type of psychological or physical therapy to reap the results.

Eases Pain

A group of scientists presented research at a 2010 conference hosted by the American Pain Society. The results of the research study revealed that playing video games may help ease the pain. The study focused on how playing video games affect people with constant pain. People who suffer from moderate to severe pain oftentimes exhibit anxiety, which is associated with their illness and the many medical procedures they are required to undergo.

The researchers said the best results came from playing virtual reality games. But, all video games could help with pain management. 

Better Reading Skills In Children With Dyslexia

Children with dyslexia struggle with reading assignments. So, a group of researchers decided to conduct a study to determine how dyslexic children are affected by video games. The study was published in Cell in 2013. The results revealed that children between the ages of 7 and 13 may improve their reading skills by playing action games.

The researchers compared video game playing to traditional reading treatments designed for children with dyslexia. It was determined that playing action games, such as 'Rayman Raving Rabbids', was “equal or better” than the traditional treatments for reading. 

The researchers believed that children who participated in traditional reading treatments and video games would enjoy the latter better. Traditional reading treatments are boring for some children, so they may not be as effective as playing video games. Of course, more research is required to make that determination.