Today, cameras are less popular than smartphones for photography and videography. The latest smartphones have the highest megapixel cameras that take stunning photographs that are as good or we can say better than those by traditional cameras. So, who needs cameras now when they have a good smartphone? Every vlogger or social media user wants the best quality image for their vlogs. The right camera angle, perfect background, lights, and the right view is all you need to get a high-quality image. Right! Yes, these are important but with a right camera accessory, zhiyun smooth, you can take videos and photo easily even if rest of these is not perfect. Stick to our guide on zhiyun smooth 4 review.

Zhiyun smooth is a smartphone gimbal is a right accessory for your smartphone. Gimbals are a great accessory to take videos or photos by smartphone at any angle, surface or direction.

What are gimbals?

It is an accessory that allows you to capture images from different angles and rotate the device at any axis. You can rotate your device in three-axis- yaw, roll, and pitch. It allows you to take photos or videos even if you are in motion. The shake free videos are easy to get with them which otherwise would not be possible. They are compact and offer a steady movement of an object without holding cameras in your hands. It works as a stabilizer for your cameras or smartphones.

 Different types of gimbals are available. There are electronic gimbals, mechanical stabilizers, steady cams, glidecam, etc. Options are a lot but only best will serve you right i.e. Zhiyun smooth.

Zhiyun smooth 4 reviews

Zhiyun smooth 4 is the most talk about stabilizer for a smartphone in the market. The product has grown a massive customer base in the market. Why? Read below to find out.

This gimbal has stood out in the market with its outstanding features. This 0.46-pound load capacity gimbal has a battery life of 12 hours that is second highest. Some of the gimbals are on the top but in terms of performance, nothing can beat zhiyun smooth 4.

Other product lacks the image stabilization abilities which make it the best gimbal. However, it is expensive but those who don’t care much about the budget and need a great product then this one is good.  

Performance of zhiyun smooth 4

Zhiyun is a dominant brand of the market and it has made a reputation among customers by providing the best gimbal for decades. With their years of experience and customer feedback, they can produce products that match the customer’s needs. This keeps them ahead in the competition. It also offers the product at the lowest price possible.

Load capacity

Now comes to product, it can support the load with a 0.46-pound weight that is maximum. It means the latest android devices and apple iphone can easily fit the gimbal. Moreover, if your smartphone weighs less than its capacity then you can use this space for additional accessories. You can add a camera lens to the gadget to capture beautiful images without overloading the gimbal.

Battery life

Twelve hours battery life is good for a full day photo shoot. You can enjoy taking pictures for your blog with comfort. Twelve hours is sufficient for vloggers and they can recharge the gimbal before taking shots for the next day without overdoing it. Zhiyun smooth 4 gets completely recharged to 100% in 3 hours. It has a USB C input which means you don’t have to stick to the main power outlet to get it charged. Charge it on your go using a power bank. But, ensure that your power bank is fully charged to keep you going till the session over.

The two-way charging option is great and users love it which means you can charge your smartphone while charging your gimbal easily. This is great for travel vlogger as they will not get to use the main power outlet.


Zhiyun smooth 4 review shows that it has the latest modes of gimbal such as manual mode, time-lapse mode and point of view mode. It also has an object tracking mode which means gimbal will adjust itself according to the object. This enhances the footage and gives smooth image stabilization and pictures that look natural.

Sub-modes are included in the time-lapse mode. You can set hyper-lapse, freestyle, and slow-motion mode. The intelligent object tracking mode let you track any object with a simple touch and an app. The gimbal has its app using which you can focus on any object on your move.

User interface

The interface is excellent in comparison to other handheld gimbals for a smartphone. Even a newbie using a gimbal for the first time will be able to use it smoothly. It has a joystick, LCD panel, few buttons that make it control easy and fast. Most of the controls can be done through the thumb. It thus let you handle the gimbal with full support without losing control over it. The gimbal has hotkeys for adding functions and dedicated buttons to operate the different modes.

The battery indicator on panel let you track the battery level. It has a customized feature for the advanced user.

Smartphone app

The ZY play app makes the use and control of gimbal easier and quicker. It gives more options to the user through customization. The app is also easy and has a solid connection with the smartphone. The previous app was a bit headache but the latest one has fixed all bugs. However, users have to purchase the app. But, it is worth purchasing for an advanced videographer because of its outstanding features.

You should always use the updated app to enjoy the complete functionality of this gimbal. All you need is a good internet connection for this purpose which you can get from Local Cable Deals. (Add this line after the highlighted area)


This is a 3 axis gimbal which is easy to use. The design allows you to use the smartphone in full motion without compromising. It has an axis lock to keep the device stable. So, your device is safe while taking videos. It is not heavy as well which means you can carry easily for long periods.

Zhiyun smooth 4 reviews prove that this is the best gimbal of the market for all the videographers and vloggers. Beginners can quickly get control over its functionality.