Gaining access to thousands and more engagements can be possible through the use of social media hashtags. Every social media user knows that a hashtag is a door to many contents on many social media platforms. It connects one content to another indefinitely and generates engagements from total strangers. 

For instance, a hashtag on Instagram can connect to a Youtube content which then connects to Facebook and other social media platforms. Using hashtags means endless possibilities and the best part is, they are for free.

Social media hashtags can:

Build a community
Build brand
Throng potential customers
Grow business
Make you successful
Make you popular

Of course, above are the results everyone wants to achieve. But not all hashtags are lucrative and useful, there are others that are dead and cannot generate engagements. You do not want this to happen, so here are the five secrets on how to use social media hashtags for maximum engagement:

Use Different Hashtags on a Single Content

Instagram, for instance, allows 30 hashtags on a single content and 10 hashtags on a Story. This may look spammy for some but this technique will actually land your content on different search categories. Meaning, you have 30 chances of getting noticed in different categories because you used 30 keywords. The right way to do this, so your content won’t look spammy, is by using 10 hashtags on your content then use the remaining 20 in the comment box. 

Do Not Use Overused Hashtags

Even popular hashtags have expiration especially if they begin to be annoying and repetitive. Since they are popular, some social media users used them to simply attract attention but their content is not aligned to the hashtag. If you still use them, you will find yourself with empty engagement. The best way to check the best hashtags is by accessing hashtag generators which suggest and generate hashtags according to what is popular by the time you post. 

Use Hashtags According to the Size of Your Audience

There are two kinds of hashtags: large hashtags and small hashtags. The large hashtags are generally used by accounts with large followings, while the small hashtags are generally used by accounts with fewer followings. If you are starting on social media, using large hashtags is not applicable to you because the competition is very tight and fast. If you will use them, you only have a few seconds before your post goes down which will leave you with no engagement. Only accounts with large followings can be successful in using them. Try using small hashtags instead, then make your way to the top.

Use Hashtags to Create Your Own Brand

Great things start from small beginnings. As mentioned above, large hashtags are difficult to complete so creating your own brand hashtag is the way to go.  Owned social media hashtags can be viral in the near future if your contents are relevant and spontaneous. Create your own hashtag, tap people with the same interest then make them engage in your post. 

Learn the Trend and Algorithm of Hashtags

The popularity of hashtags changes according to what is trending and what trend the algorithm is receiving. The algorithm can be overwhelming but you will get used to it once you use hashtags in promoting your business. Facebook and Instagram are two popular social media platforms that use the algorithm to instantly feed what their users might want to see according to their activities and interactions. If you will be able to learn this, it will be easier for you to determine what hashtags you can connect to your content for maximum engagement.