Technology rules our lives in so many ways and it’s all thanks to the innovation that is taking place every day, that we are watching progress in every direction. From self-help apps to productivity increasing major giants, we have a whole new universe to choose from. 

Companies around the world are investing new tech to increase the potential of their employees and to get the maximum benefits for a steady growth. At the end of the day, each enterprise has its focus on what generates the maximum revenue while being consumer friendly. 

Since we live in a world of extremely smart devices now, app developers have focused their attention on creating apps that are conducive to workplace productivity while remaining extremely user-friendly. More is less and because there is some serious competition in every field, we have a list of few such apps, which are definitely going to be a great add-on for any individual/company that seeks better productivity in less time.

1. Lift

Let’s start off with an app that helps define and refine the attainment of personal goals. Since these goals can be of relevance to your workplace, an application that can bring work cohesion is nothing short of a miracle in a fast-paced life. You can try out already available expertly created plans and habits on Lift or add/customize according to your own requirements. You can keep a check on your progress, staying one step ahead of everything that needs to be done while recording your work.  Getting or finding support in any workplace or even at your homes is a basic human need. This support can help you to stay focused and not lose heart in case you ever find yourself stuck in a bad place. Lift allows you to receive this support from family and friends. Moreover, it can help through the guidance and reminders from your boss as well as office colleagues. It’s perfect for sticking and then the realization of goals because of its simple, user-friendly and innovative user experience.

2. Evernote

You don’t always have access to your laptop or Pc in case of an urgent, unannounced meeting. Evernote is an amazing app that lets you record and takes notes of everything; plus it doesn’t require you to be connected online to do that. You can synchronize all your data later with all other devices. You can take pictures while you make those notes, add voice references to make sure that nothing is lost. Furthermore, all your work/projects are in one place, from personal agendas and moments to all the big work, there are no loopholes. You can easily download the app, create an account, start putting in data, lists and reminders, organize everything in your own particular flair and you’re good to go.

3. Google Keep

If you love putting reminders on real sticky notes and in the habit of losing them altogether then forget paper. We have Google Keep now to fulfill all your colorful dreams. It’s the perfect alternative, providing you with the advantage that all the notes and reminders are available on all your connected devices. You can be on your way by simply adding the plugin extension and whenever an idea occurs to you on the go or you have a meeting, which requires a presentation, add those ideas to Google Keep. They will be available every time you need them, moreover, if you’re researching, you can drag those notes down to your relevant documents. This highly beneficial if you’re working a high-intensity creative job as well as for students with deadlines for projects/assignments.

4. CamCard

Networking may sound like making and keeping a few contacts but it is essentially so much more than that. You need to keep a track of why you added a certain contact at a given time. Your phone may definitely hold them all but there’s a limit to the notes that you can attach with any of them. If you own a growing business, your contact list gradually increases and so does the need to have either a business card or a brochure. Searching for one when in case a sudden need arises can be irritating. Since time is money and a valuable asset, one needs to make sure that none of it is lost or wasted in frivolous searches. CamCard comes to the rescue in all such situations. This wonderful app takes a picture of all relevant cards and the essential contact information, saves it on your phone, allowing the addition of notes and reminders. You can also retrieve the information and then share it with anyone that you choose from the cloud. 

5. Expensify

An expense app, whose claim to fame is the fact that it actually works. Take photos of receipts; no need to collect and keep those clumsy paper ones that either get jumbled or are lost in the mayhem. Since there are no issues of manually entering the figures, it is really an amazing application for business as well as personal use. It t and then a record is kept for reimbursements and consolidations. It automatically transcribes the information from the photos making it possible to clear out reimbursements and consolidation of expenses. Since it’s fully automated, each receipt falls into its own category that is predefined by the user and is coded accordingly as well. it is nothing short of a virtual accountant.

6. 15Five

Performance management apps may not sound much but they can increase productivity and generate great results for any company. A check on the performance of employees is exactly what this app does. The entire workforce comes under one umbrella and so are made aware and kept up-to-date about developments and meetings. The management can enhance employee education by keeping them in the loop with ongoing projects as well as opportunities for training. Key managers can respond to queries, left by their workforce, reassuring them and commenting on their growth and progress. If high-performance culture is what you require in your organization, then 15Five is the answer to your prayers.

A number of applications such as 15Five are dependent on capable internet connections. This way you can make the most out of what they offer and the potential they hold. Go through your local Spectrum deals to get the best package in your vicinity to satiate your thirst for a dependable connection.

7. Slack

Good, solid communication is what can drive any company to achieve heights never imagined before. Slack is an Electron Framework based app that allows all communications under one roof. If you’re not a tech lover or are too busy to actually focus and invest on every new gadget that appears in the market then Slack is perfect for you. It allows video-calling, notifications, file shares and all the shebang just so you don’t lose focus by trying to communicate through different platforms or devices in your workplace. Collaborate with the people of your choice, stay in touch and stay connected through Slack to save time, energy and to boost some ever-required efficiency within any industry.

There is so much more happening in the world of technology and innovation. These are some of the most practical handpicked examples which are helping people around the globe. Be sure to check a few of them out and surely you’ll be surprised by the practicality they hold. With the major shifts happening towards VR and edge networking capabilities, the future surely looks bright and entertaining.