It is said that UI and UX designs are two confusing ideas in the world today. The advent of technology has opened the door for the popularity of web and app designs. And this popularity has caused UX/UI designs to soar high. But then again, some people are confused with these terms. So before you’re going to hire a UI company, you have to understand the recognizable differences between UI and UX terms.

Well, first and foremost, “UI” stands for “user interface.” What does user interface mean, too? It is the graphical, physical layout of an app or website. The buttons that can be found in the app belong to this idea. Have you seen the photos, sliders, text entry fields, and all relevant items on an app? They are part of this particular interface.

UX on the other hand stands for “user experience.” This is the end point of the process where we can tell that the users or consumers of a particular product or service app is satisfied or not. The main determinant here is the interaction between the users and the app or website. The difficulty level of interacting with the interface elements can be gauged in this aspect. This is the reason why UX designers are so much concerned with the user interface of every particular app.

How UI, UX work together?

A UI designer is tasked to determine the vital points as far as the interface looks are concerned. A UX designer meanwhile is focused on how the interface works and functions and how it may affect the users’ lives. But it must be understood that these two must work collaboratively. Otherwise the end goal of every app won’t be achieved.

A UI designer must spend time to work on the aesthetic value or appearance of the applications. Without this expert, a certain product or service that relies on the technology will rarely grasp success. People love the good looks of an application and its friendliness to the human eyes. A UX designer, moreover, is responsible for the interactive flow of the app. It is the duty of this designer to see to it that all buttons must be functional to the fullest satisfaction of the end-users.

The merged performance of these two designers will make sure that the final interface output will meet the satisfaction-based demands of the users in the end. The efficiency of the cost can be attributed to how the two teams perform together. If either of the two will fail in their respective job, then a total failure will be expected. Hence, a UI and UX design is expected to be worked on smoothly. 

Ready for a UI, UX design company?

You don’t need to be a real expert on technology. You just need a careful assessment of the things based on your set goals and objectives.

First you need to understand your business goals and objectives. The decision on what you’re going to sell on the market is your first priority. Or maybe you already have an existing business and you tried to popularize your product or service through an app, but sad to say, it failed before. And now you need a new team to help you build a captivating app for your audience.

Whether you’re an existing business owner or a start-up one, you need to hire a UI/UX designer or a company that is expert in this field. The very first prerequisite is for you to assess the capabilities of the potential candidates for the job. Every UI, UX designer has the expertise and field. If you own a restaurant then you should find someone with previous work on this industry – food. The passion for food or home cooking of the designers to be tasked can also be a plus factor, but it is not necessary at all.

After you decide on the candidates for the job, you need to assess their potentialities. All you need to do is to try their imaginative and visual designing skills based on your directions and instructions. An example of this is you want to show some promo packages of the food items you’re selling in your restaurant and you want your audience to see the promo packages just through their fingertips. The UI designer will have the actual look of the packages to be seen by the potential customers through the app. Then the UX designer will work on how the promo food packages can help them cost-efficiently, healthily. Through their digital collaborative effort, selling food through the application can be easier.

The importance of A/B testing and intense research

Did you know that a lot of businessmen failed their businesses due to the lack of this aspect? Research and testing. Yes, it is so. Research or study plays a vital role for both designers. A UI/UX design agency should be responsible for this aspect. Once you hire a company, like Ramotion, they will be in-charged with the entire UI/UX process.

Once the app is done it is important to test it out. The preliminary soft launching is not an assurance that the application will work for your benefits. It’s just a rare thing to know if just after the first launching, majority of your audience have been converted into leads and sales. Having A/B testing applied can give the much more needed results. How is it done? It is done through simply testing the desire of the potential customers. That’s why a proper research is interconnected to it. To determine the audience likes and dislikes is important in the testing phase.

One important part in this entire aspect is the users’ feedback analyses and evaluation. Acquiring feedback and comments from the users is truly important to produce great results. A/B testing is the process of having two versions, one can be your original version with the help of the designers and the other one can be the version with the integration of the potential customers’ feedback. Or this testing process can also be done through having two direct versions that are conceptualized by the designers with your guidance and cognizance.