Do you have thousands of pictures on your phone and want to clear the Xerox ones? This is supposed to be a hard task to do and people usually run away from it. Well, this is not a problem now. Because duplicate photo finder does it for you. 

This software is an easy-to-use, efficient and amazingly rated one. It, like any other machine, software or computer, eases the workload and can get rid of replicas in a pile of thousands of images for you. It is a handy, less time-taking job and will help you save your data and storage memory.

Why bother deleting?
Any of many sluggish people might think of this is unnecessary. With the quotidian belief that images do not take up much space people forget about the little technicalities bound to it. Deleting all replicas only redeems your storage space but also contributes to a better functional RAM, which helps your system to work proficiently. And where this is a humongous task for humans, duplicate image finder can do it with little to no time and effort. It is a win-win. 

How duplicate image finder helps you?
This software locates all the matching snaps in any of your compatible system’s folders and further in its subfolders also and expunge them. An advanced algorithm works as an ace in the hole here. 

All you have to do is set a percentage, up to which images are considered as twins. Say you set the percentage at 60%. All of the pictures which are 60% similar in visuals, dimensions or size will be selected and brought upfront after going through a scanning mechanism and the copy with less resolution and features will be marked. Then you can delete them.

System requirements
However, like any other software, duplicate image finderalso has some requirements before it operates. These include 128 MB RAM to process, a minimum of 20-25 MB free hard disk space; however it can run on all operating systems.

What it has in store for you?
Finding duplicates may sound an easy task, but for a machine, if there is a difference of one pixel, the images are not duplicates. But duplicate image finderhas a whip hand here. Its sublimes features identify copies that are different in size, shape or are even rotated.  

Its searches are user-specific, it will look for what you want it to look for. It marks the picture with a better preview and features. It also lets you decide whether you want to delete replicas permanently or shift them somewhere else. And it has a smooth and spontaneous interface along with its integral Cache to speed things up.

It can point out the matching images even the filtered ones. It recognizes and processes the raw qualities. The lion's share of its features belongs to the file formats it supports. It would not be wrong to say that it supports almost every image format.

Duplicate photo finder, with its novel and optimized features, outstanding reviews provides you the best you can get.