Social media and email can be used separately for your business marketing but the best results can only be achieved when you integrate both these instead of suing each as a standalone strategy.

It is proved through different research and studies that leveraging any marketing effort is easy and more effective when these two are used in conjunction. It will also help you to attain even more benefits such as: 

Extending the reach of your campaigns
Getting more subscribers on your list and 
Ensuring your business growth.

Experts say that email marketing and social media go hand in hand and when used together these can become so powerful a combination that you will not need to buy real Instagram likes for that matter. 

Marketers of these days are combining these two together to gain much better results as they have realized that an effective marketing strategy is not in using these two separate but both social media like Instagram and email marketing should be used as a combined social media marketing strategy.

Email marketing, as always have remained the most valuable tool when you consider customer acquisition along with lead nurturing campaigns. However, you will need to follow the right strategy to incorporate social media in your email campaigns if you want to reinvent email marketing opportunities and take your business marketing results to new heights

Benefits of such integration

There are lots of reasons to integrate email marketing with Instagram. It will be beneficial to your brand because: 

It will enhance the marketing metrics. It will also help you to apply the principles of social media marketing in your emails. This will in turn allow the users and readers to share the email easily with more users. It will improve the chances of getting better opens and click-through that will in turn enhance the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns.
You will also get more subscribers on your list when more and more people will talk about your emails or post on the social media. That means you will have a better publicity and more people will get a chance to learn about your brand and emails thereby getting an increased opportunity to grow your email subscription list.
You will be able to use more influencers for your marketing campaigns. You will be able to find out the consistent email openers and conversions based on the current information retrieved from your email service providers. All this data will help you to manage all your social media marketing activities in one place. 
It will also help you to present a new platform to your subscribers for better interaction by using these diverse platforms. It will offer new opportunities so that you can reach out to newer and better prospects and customers. It will also help you to get engaged in a better way with them so that they are always updated with the new updates, product launches and discount offers.
This integration will enable you to give more options to your email subscribers. This will in turn allow them to choose the platform they find to be most comfortable to interact with you.
It will also help you to amplify the potential reach of your message to a larger audience. Therefore, when you integrate social media into your emails you must make sure that your emails reach out to a greater audience by using different marketing channels. 

Promising and exciting as it may sound, achieving all these may not be easy. There are a few things that you should consider or take help for experts in this field to integrate the two in the best possible way and to gain the maximum advantage.

Doing it right

Now that you know about the advantages of integrating social media and email marketing, it is time to know how you can get it done in the correct way.

First you will have to upload the list of your subscribers to the different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn and  
Next, you will have to invite more and more your social media followers to subscribe to your email list.

Occasionally, you may find it very difficult to achieve and engage your prospects on social media due to the fact that the newsfeed algorithms on Instagarm platform keep on changing. In such a situation it is paramount that you find a different way so that you do not lose followers and struggle to connect with them later.

It may also happen that the social media business page gets shut down due to a virus. This may not happen every time but there is always such an opportunity which will be unwise to ignore. In such a situation you will easily lose a major chuck if not all of your hard and carefully grown audience.

Therefore, it is always necessary to know how you can get back in touch with your users as well as all those people that followed you on social networks other than Instagram.

However, you will need to be on the safe side when you invite the social media followers to become your email subscribers. This will help you to encourage the social media followers to become your email subscribers. This will in turn strengthen your rapport with the entire social media community mainly because of your emails as that will allow you to create more personalized communication depending on the individual subscribers. 

The customer lifetime value is also very high as compared to social media marketing which is why you should consider integrating social media and email marketing to reap the benefits of both individually as well as combined. 

Focusing on incentive based referral marketing strategy can sometimes do wonders to engage prospective customers. This will help you to persuade them to become your email subscribers as well as get their friends and family to your page and like it as well. 

The key takeaway

It can be said that using email or social media marketing can be self-constraining. That is why you should leverage both social media and email marketing to optimize both channels.