A good PPC campaign will not only increase landing page conversions but also generate improved sales. This means if a business is ending their pay per click marketing efforts after web visitors convert on the business site, they are leaving your profits on the table. 

There has been researching done by experts in digital marketing where it has been discovered that those businesses that use marketing automation for nurturing prospects experience an increase in qualified targeted business leads and make more purchases over those leads that have not been nurtured by the business. Now, the question is, how can a business nurture their leads?

The role of communication to nurture PPC leads 

In order to capture more revenue from PPC campaigns, you need to start the ball of communication rolling. The following are four tips to help you to optimize your PPC leads with a nurturing campaign that involves emails-

1. Establish trust- Social proof will help you as a business owner to establish trust with potential customers. Note, customers are not interested in your product or how good it is. They are more interested in what other people are saying about the service or the product that you sell in the market. There has been market research conducted by many credible digital marketing agencies where it has been found that most customers today make buying decisions based on customer reviews. In order to convert leads, you should include customer testimonials, press awards, and endorsements in your emails with the intent to nurture leads for your product or service.

2. Make use of videos- If you include videos about your business in emails to nurture leads, you will witness about 200-300% surge in your PPC click-through-rate. (according to a Forrester Report) This is good news for those business owners that are looking for additional targeted traffic. It is obvious that your PPC leads are not too keen to read long content both in your email or your website. However, you can create a video about your business product and service. This will appeal to them, and you will see an increase in your click through rate for your PPC campaign. Out of 100 visitors, you will find that only 20 percent of them will read your content, but 80% of them will watch your video.

3. The need for confidence- You should be confident when you are addressing your audience. Some business owners are not keen to talk about their market competition in an email as they do not think it correct to convert a business lead with writing about their competitors in an email. Experts in PPC say this is a wrong attitude. When you are wondering about how to manage your PPC with nurturing emails and make them a success, you should address your market competition in the email properly. Most customers can be attracted through newsletters and readers online that have just come through your blog after conducting an organic search. Note, these customers are in the research mode when they click on your PPC ad. They are searching for the sites of your competitors as well. In this process, they will compare and decide which is the best of the lot. So, you need to make a powerful first impression when you have the intention to convert web visitors into targeted customers. When you are creating a nurturing email, you need to highlight your strengths when you are comparing your business to the competition in the market irrespective of whether you mention the names of your competitors or not. For example, your competitor in the market might charge you extra fees for customer support; you may include these extra charges in the package that you offer. When you address your competition in the nurturing email, you do not only get the competitive edge in the market, but you also attract the right kind of customer. Your customer will begin to think and value the price, the product or service features, and other benefits you offer over your competitors.

4. Give your customers the personal touch- Besides your PPC lead nurturing emails, every other email you send to your customer has to be personal. No customer likes to receive automated emails. The nature of your leads should be like you care about your customer and value their presence with you. When you are creating your email, ensure you use language that is friendly and conversational. In short, it should appeal to the targeted audience. You need to pay attention to the PPC ad copy. For instance, if the name of your company isn't needed on the landing page, do not use it in the email campaigns.

5. From segment- Another important point that you need to note and keep in mind is the “from” segment in the email. Ensure that you attach a real name to the email that you send. It is wise to add a real name over a generic company name. If you add your company name, the recipient will understand the obvious- there is no real person on the other side of the email. On the same lines, ensure that you use an email that does not give the business lead the chance to respond. Make sure that you do not include text lines that direct the lead not to respond to the email. This is not good for your business, and indirectly, you are directing the lead that you do not invite any form of personal interaction that again will work negatively for your business.  

In conclusion, it can be safely said that the mission for any PPC campaign is to establish it and automate it to reap maximum benefits. This means you should not start the campaign and forget about it later. Ensure you evaluate the PPC campaign and check what is working for your audience and what is not. In this way, you effectively are able to reap maximum benefits from your PPC campaigns and get the competitive edge in the market too!