Mobile market is close to its saturation. Publishers and advertisers send thousands of apps every day, as a result the competition becomes even more tensed than before. But it doesn’t distract player from launching experiments and investing in new innovative formats and marketing tools. We see that the area all the time is fed with this energy of growth that develops and make mobile app market even stronger.

USA advertisers spend for mobile app advertising more than for supporting traditional media channels like TV. Global scope of mobile advertising is expected to be $233 billion of dollars in 2019 - according to eMarketer. Mobile niche is prognosed to make a half of ad budgets at all.

App Annie thinks than more than a half of apps will be monetized due to in-app advertising that obviously means growth of advertising in the applications.

Publishers are expected to be more interested in developing regions as mature economics already have everything shaped. APAC countries and some other promising regions, in their turn, just have the settling of the processes and investors can have a wonderful stroke of luck to be in the whirlpool of new niche appearing and getting their piece of a pie. 

The situation seems to be quite interesting and tricky. Let’s study what we can expect in 2019 for mobile advertising.

More new formats

The amount of media content users consume now is as high as it can be. The more information we have, the more variants for its displaying. Mainstream content is, unfortunately, of very low quality, but people are very strict about the ads advertisers are trying to feed them with, standard approaches will no longer work. Experiments and something unusual may help. Users should be more engaged, reward videos and ads are coming to the stage. People are more loyal about them as something will be given for their attention, like in-game currency or some other values. 

More entertainment

One Web technology is making Internet available for all Earth population, newcomers from across the globe who haven’t been involved yet, are expected to arrive very soon. The first group to harvest from this appending are vendors of mobile apps designed for having fun and all that is connected with mobile commerce.

App Annie is inclined to think that:

the spendings in mobile app shops will grow 5 times quicker than global economy;

users will spend nearly 75 minutes daily for consuming in-stream video, the growth is 110% in comparison with 2016;

users will spend their money in entertainment apps, for last 3 years the growth is expected to be in 5 times that will be more than $7 billion dollars for a globe scope.

2018 was marked by growing the cost of traffic and earnings dilution in advertisers’ projects. This tendency is, unfortunately, to remain. However, advertisers are not going to capitulate and plan to invest more. The allocation of the budgets will be for social media channels and mobile-video apps.

Publishers will be in quite a winning position. Companies that advertise in apps together with in-app purchases will bring them more than $122 billion. The biggest part of this sum belongs to gaming applications. 

To sum up: people still need spectacles: mobile games especially casual and hyper-casual, video-content apps, short video services and similar to them - the will be primary money recipients.

More, more income

App advertising network will face high level of competition. In-app advertising will be primary source of getting money that will infringe on advertising pie that is more than $250 billion dollars. Do you feel the atmosphere of a coming battle?

Final lines

Researches show that advertisers are interested inn publishers who can guarantee profitableness, easy integration and transparent reporting system in real time mode as well as working practices for higher monetization. Income generating in app advertising networks will be appreciated most of all. That is the reason for Google Ads, in spite of being one of the biggest places with strong filters for low-quality ads filtration and effective anti-bot and -fraud solutions, it loses other networks in the aspect of monetization. A lot of others can bring to publishers more money and quicker share all the data about reporting and insights for efficiency improving