If done the right way, email verification services can benefit your business and attract more customers. You’ll also need good content to reach the inboxes and hearts of your customers, because spam emails and outdated content won’t take you anywhere.

To do email marketing, businesses around the world use email lists made up of the email addresses of their targeted audience, but these email lists can get outdated pretty quick and need constant shuffling to make sure the emails you send are getting delivered to the right people. Some of the top email verification services like TheChecker can help you big time in this regard.

Here is a quick outlook on what email verification service actually is, and how this can impact your business in the long run.

What Is Email Validation

Email validation or verification is a process in which tools and techniques are used to see whether an email is fully active or not before sending any email.

This is actually a very beneficial method of maintaining a good reputation of your brand, because the bounce rate can be retained at a negligible rate with this method.

An email verification platform can help you validate bulk emails in a single click. These services can also protect you from getting any spam emails and invalid data in your system. An important thing to remember in this regard is that you’ll need to use these email validation platforms occasionally to remove any emails that become inactive over time.

Why You May Need These Services?

If you have an email marketing oriented business model, than customer data and especially the email lists are the most valuable assets of your company. This is one of the best investments which can produce over 4000% ROI, which is better than any investment you make in your business.

But a drawback of the email lists is that they don’t survive forever, instead, you’ll need to get them verified on a regular basis to make sure you’re sending the emails to only the active accounts in your customer base. If the quality of your data is low, or your bounce rate is greater, you won’t be able to get the required ROI from your email campaign, and your ESP might also fine you to fulfill any damage caused by the higher bounce rate.

Steps Of Email Verification

Here are some of the basic steps included in the email verification process.

In the first step, the every email included in the email list is checked against a standard email format, and any email not complying with that formatting is struck out of the list.
Next, the email checker verifies the domain of each and every email, and makes sure that only the active emails, which are able to receive messages in their inbox are included in the list.
Last and the most important step of this process is confirming the inbox of every individual email, a valid email verification service conducts this whole process without sending a single email.

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