According to thought leader and tech strategist Bernard Marr, we now produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day.

So when it comes to digital marketing, there’s a mass of information available which can help your business connect in clever ways with customers.

But while data-driven content might have more chance of gaining traction with customers, creativity, intuition and old-style clear communication still play a crucial part in humanizing your brand online – especially at a time when data breaches and scandals mean that public distrust of new technologies is high. 

However, it’s possible to integrate data and emotional intelligence to deliver content that resonates – here are three ways to make your brand relatable online. 

1. Storytelling for business

Stories have helped us make sense of the world and life’s big questions since we were living in caves – so it’s natural that one excellent way to humanize your brand is by getting to grips with the story structures that people across different cultures recognize.

For screenwriter John Yorke, stories help you connect with customers because instead of your content consisting of a list of features and benefits, a story becomes a narrative about how your products and services help customers on a human level. 

So developing your knowledge of three and five act story structures, inciting incidents and heroes journeys could transform the way you communicate and give your business the Hollywood blockbuster treatment.

2. Empathic content marketing

With a wealth of content out there, it can be hard differentiating yourself from the crowd and connecting powerfully with potential customers.

However, according to business bible Forbes, injecting enough empathy into your efforts can work wonders. 

By developing well-rounded customer personas, you’ll be able to put yourself in customers’ shoes, see the world through their eyes and tweak your creative content so that it inspires and delights them. Provided that it’s thoughtful and genuine, empathic content marketing can be marvellous.

3. Professional Copywriting

You might have formulated a fantastic content marketing plan, but if you lack the requisite skills, don’t make copywriting a DIY job – leave it to the pros.

Copywriting agencies like Attercopia employ professional writers with years of commercial and creative experience, which means that all of your onsite content, blogs, social media captions and whitepapers will pop off the page and synthesize style and substance.

If your copy is strewn with garbled syntax and spelling errors, customers will turn to more polished competitors instead.

Making your brand more human and relatable online isn’t easy, but it’s the best way to build brand loyalty and forge close customer connections.

Once you embed the practice, it’ll enhance your internal culture as well as your customer service and marketing  – these three tips will help you get started.

That’s our list! Share your own brand relatability tips in the comments section.