If you have an Android device, then you don't need any introduction of Google Play Store. It is a one-stop destination for Android apps, games, music, movie rentals and purchases, and e-books. If you have an Android accelerated mobile device, then you can use the entire Google Play Store using the Play Store app. Only the Android apps are limited to the android device. But other than Android Apps, You can access music, movie rentals and purchases, and e-books with the non-android device too.

Google Play Store is Previously Known As Android Market

Before March 2012, Google Play got recognized as the Android Market. The Android Market, the only source for app content, and Google Music and Google Books handled books and music. YouTube is that time only movie rental app (Not related to Android Market). But now with YouTube and Google Play, you can access the movie library and subscribe for the movie you like.

That time Android Market is just used to provide apps. When this is only used to be one app store, it is quite straightforward. But later all the mobile devices started to deliver different app stores for their produced devices.

Why Google Play?

If you keep a close look at the "Google Play" term, you must be thinking that it is for a gaming-related app store or similar, which sells different games. But the logo speaks differently. It symbolizes play button of videos. It is a combination for showing people to consume content in the shape of videos, e-books, games, music, slot machines etc.

Android Apps on Google Play Store

Google Play host numerous apps, some of them are free, and some of them got paid. You can find the app store under the Home and Games section of the Play Store. You can also check the Top Charts, Categories, and Editor's Choice for knowing which app is best to use in different niches. Another, a useful feature in the Play Store is Google-powered search capabilities help to find anything easily. Google has now been allowing apps that allow people to do betting in India.

Find Your Tunes in Google Play Music

Google Play Music old logo is retired, but the functionality is the same. The player of Play Music operates the same way as it was before. Just one thing is different that now it's located in the Music section of Google Play.

Grab a Great Read from Google Play Books

Before the Book, search and e-book purchase gets divided into two sections. But now it is not the same. Google Books is an online database that contains a library. Google Play e-book is a book distribution service, in which you can buy or get free e-books to read or listen. 

Binge Watch with Google Play Movies & TV

If you want to watch any films on your android device, then Google Play is the app. You can subscribe to any movies available in Google Play through YouTube purchase. You also can access some premium TV channel shows too.


Google Play got equipped with more amazing features. Now, this is not only an app store but have much more fantastic services. You can explore all — the services with an excellent layout. That's all for this blog.