Find it difficult to decide what direction to go, what to avoid, and how to organize your further business activity? Checking the site position in Google and Yandex regularly, you'll get valuable data that will help to understand where the chosen direction will bring the desired results. Today, there are numerous services designed for this purpose. One of the most effective SEO tools that can boost your productivity is

This service provides a detailed analysis of the position of the site occupied by them in search engines. Get reports on changes in site positions every day, week and month automatically. Turn a process of many questions and difficulties into a simple task. Analysis of the positions taken by the site will give you valuable information making it possible to outline further ways of its development, eliminate shortcomings, etc. How exactly does work? Its work is based on four tools, which we're going to consider in detail below.

SERP Checker

Millions of site owners have signed with a relief when they've got an opportunity to check the site rank automatically. Tracking the site position with the help of SERP rank checker is as easy as ABC. It allows monitoring your position in most popular search engines, among which are Google, Yandex, Bing, etc. Compared to many other similar services, this checker gives you most actual data. 

Google SERP checker doesn't use XML, which is one of the key benefits of this service. Moreover, it's possible to track the position using any device. The rank tracker tool has been adjusted to be used on smartphones, notebooks, PC.  One of the functions that make this tool popular today is a possibility to find out what position your site takes in a certain region in a certain search engine.  

SERP Analysis

How to analyze the pages of competitors from the TOP search engine? It would seem that this requires a lot of effort. With the SERP analysis tool, you will not only get a detailed semantic analysis of competitors' pages, a list of LSI-phrases, but also compare this data with your page online. The entire analysis process will be performed only in a couple of clicks and with minimal time costs. Choose the necessary settings and get started. 

Keyword Grouping

Search engines pay special attention to the quality of site content and the literacy of placing keywords on it. Indicators that leave much to be desired will lead to a low ranking of the resource, so no one will know about it. With SERP checker, you can get access to the site content analysis tool easily. It allows finding the most reliable information about the frequency of key queries. Using SpySERP, you can immediately understand what requests are popular.

SERP Scans

It's an inevitable tool for site owners allowing not only make but also save the analysis for the queries in the chosen search engines. You can analyze the results in the Top 100. A possibility to save the results allows you to provide an analysis of your dynamic and precise checking of competitors.

How often do users visit your website, which pages are visited and by what requests? SERP checker tool will provide you with the knowledge of the information allowing to create a base for further search for the shortcomings and their elimination.