Using free website hosting might be very attractive. When you only start running your business or writing a blog, you might want to save every cent. Using free website hosting is not always a good idea, as your website will not be as good as it could be. Free hosting would be the right solution in case you are new to creating the website. 

You can know how to create a website and get acquainted with web mastering, but that is all that free hosting can give you. It will not provide you with any useful information.

If you are just a newcomer and never tried yourself in the role of webmaster, you might have a lot of questions. It is fine; everyone is a beginner in some sphere. But it is important to do quality research and read useful articles, as eweb net, which are created to help the beginners or already seniors in blogging. The team of qualified specialists deals with hundreds of hosting providers. They are testing them and then write informative reviews and guides, from creating the website and choosing the best web hosting, till making it more attractive for the visitors.

5 reasons not to use free website hosting 
Usually, free website hosting providers might offer you something, but when you start using the service, it is far from being true. So what are the bad sides of free hosting?
They are not completely free

Some providers will offer you just limited access with an option to upgrade to premium service later. A free version can include just 50 MB of storage, which is not enough for the normal functionality of the website.

Service can be canceled any time

In case the provider has any kind of trouble, your website might just stop existing. In case you did not have time to transfer all your content, your website will just disappear, and there is no way to restore it.

Your website will not look good

Yes, your website will look terrible. You can choose only between a few basic themes, which is not enough. And you will have ads that are forced by the provider.  These ads will never bring you any profit and will just annoy you and visitors of your website.

No control of the Server

In case of some overload of the system, your website will be down, and you will simply lose your visitors. 

You will not have a real domain

Your website will just look unprofessional. For sure, it will include the naming of the free hosting provider and will be way too long. In addition, Google often finds such websites as not good enough, and you will not appear in the top of the search.  
It would be better for you to buy a subscription at a premium hosting provider, so you save yourself a lot of nerves.

Why is it better to buy a hosting?

As you can see, using free hosting might be a big headache. It will run on slow speeds, without a proper security and you will not have any support in case of technical issue. In case you buy hosting, you have full control over your webpage, get real and your own domain that matches the name of your brand. Your website will become more popular as it will not be blocked by search systems. Paid hostings do not cost as much, but they definitely bring you more positive aspects and experience when you are using it.