The Internet, Social Media, and Cell Phones are the inventions of the modern epoch. They are of a monumental level of significance. They have a deep impact on the private and public lives of people. Be it central government or state government, both rely heavily on these things for their smooth functioning. 

These wondrous inventions have opened up the new portals to commerce. The Internet has enabled us to cross the barriers of continents and ocean bodies. The extensive use of these technologies has made many businesses to make progress by leaps and bounds. Numerous businessmen have been able to successfully promote their products on Amazon and eBay. 

Nevertheless, it is heavily debated whether the use of the internet, social media and cell phones have made the world bigger or smaller. There are arguments to substantiate both viewpoints. This article will give you arguments on both aspects. 

How These Technologies Have Made The World Bigger

Limitless Information

One of the significant factors that make this world bigger is the vast amount of information available to us. Internet and cell phones are the best mediums for gaining information. One can easily obtain an infinite amount of information with the help of the Internet and cell phones. It is beyond our imagination the amount of information that is available on the internet. In this manner, we are able to get our queries answered easily. 


Communication is another significant feature of cell phones and the internet. These are the best tools of communication in this epoch. You cannot find better tools than them when you are to communicate across different geographic areas. It is a gospel truth that the internet and cell phones have provided us with the best communication methods. There are many social media applications with the help of them you connect with your family, friends or colleagues. You also communicate and send/receive important files via E-mail. 

No Physical Distance

In the latter-days, physical distance is not problematic. There are various means of communication provided by the internet and cell phones. Due to these modes of communication, you can communicate with any person no matter what part of the world you are living in. You can even have face to face interaction with any person, for instance, you can have a video call with any person on Whatsapp. 


Internet and cell phones are great tools that can help you do great business. Now it has become much convenient for us to manage our business with the help of the internet and cell phones. You can easily communicate with your employees anytime and anywhere. You can reach to a greater number of potential clients easily. You can give tasks and easily analyze the performance of your employees. 

How These Technologies Have Made The World Smaller?

Nevertheless, there is another side of the picture as well. There are arguments that are adduced to show that social media, texting, internet and cell phones have made the world smaller. These technologies have transformed this entire world into a global village. Let us have a look at some of the arguments that are adduced in this context.

Large Audience

Social Media enables you to connect with numerous people all over the world. For instance, if you are a Pakistani then you are just one click away from communicating with any person sitting in America or any country of the world. Billions of people communicate with each other on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and, Whatsapp. Internet and cell phones have made this entire world into a single large family. 

Common Interests

Now you can easily form a community or social circle that is based on mutual interests. This enables you to connect with your like-minded people. You are able to learn from those people. This also helps you in making many trustworthy relations. 

Current Affairs/ News Updates

Social Media applications like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram keep you updated regarding current affairs. You receive instant news of whatever happens around the world. This has made it much easy for us to study current affairs. You no longer have to sit before the television and listen to News channels. You can receive instant news on your cell phones irrespective of which place you may be at. 

Stay Connected To Family

It is only because of the internet that you can easily communicate with your family even if you are in another country. You can interact with them on a video call. All you need is just a Whatsapp or skype call. Now you don’t have to wait to see your distant relatives. You can connect them whenever you want. Technology has effaced geographical distances. 

Instant Communication

Forget about going to distant shops for buying any product. You can now order any product you want online. You can order any product you want online and it will be delivered to you. You no longer have to go to book shops to buy books. There are numerous online book shops available on the internet. 

You can order any book or novel you want on these online book shops. Even if some product doesn’t reach you in a good state then you no longer have to dial landline numbers. You can post a Tweet with the respective twitter handler and your product will be replaced. Internet and Social Media has utterly revolutionized the way business corporations function. 


Social Media has made much easier for us to get acquainted with someone’s preferences. This is very important especially in the case of business. You can easily decipher the future needs of people. You can easily promote your product to anyone at any place. You no longer have to wait for customers to visit you. 


There is a difference of opinion that whether the internet, social media or cell phones have made this world bigger or smaller. Nevertheless, it is an objective reality that these technologies have revolutionized our lives completely. Different people use it for different purposes. People have made tremendous progress by utilizing these technologies.