When internet blasted in the world, it formed into one of the most popular ways to communicate around the globe. It became better and better by the day and made our lives so easy. But in a world where everything comes at a cost, it took our privacy and security. EPRIVO is one such company providing this service. So, let us see if you should use it or not.


EPRIVO is developed by BlueRISC Inc. to provide security solutions to protect their email accounts from breach of piracy. EPRIVO is a private sender-controlled email security service which secures all your existing accounts ultimately. EPRIVO is not an email client service to send emails, but it is a security service for existing email accounts like Gmail or Yahoo. And if you are wondering if it stores your emails, it doesn't and even makes sure that security and email provider remains separate.


It includes all the security services from encryption to authentication, including physical security. No carrier whatsoever; does not have any access to your emails even in encrypted form. So, if you use EPRIVO service, there is a very less chance of hackers entering into your mail database. And also, if they do come into your database, the encryption code is so difficult to crack.

Why is privacy important?

Most businesses communicate through email, and if the email isn't reliable enough that anybody can hack into your office emails whether a rival or anybody, it could destroy your business. And if you have a personal mail, anybody can breach the privacy and enter into your own lives.

If anyone invades your privacy, leaks all your confidential data, and you won't be able to do much afterward. So, as it always said, prevention is better than cure. Today having a secured email account with minimal chance of breach of piracy is a necessity.

What does it offer?

If I have to list all the significant features of EPRIVO, the first one of my lists will be security. It is the only company to offer protection to any existing account. That means you need no other consideration than what you already have. EPRIVO is one of the best brands when it comes to service like this.

The flexibility you get if you choose EPRIVO is unbeatable. It can also transparently manage both private and non-private emailing. Th confidentiality, and security are maintained throughout all of your encrypted emails, whether the receiver uses EPRIVO or not.

Another great feature people love the most is that the sender can delete an email whenever they want and it vanishes from the receiver's inbox as well even after they have read it. And what's more interesting is that it doesn't just disappear from the inbox but cloud servers as well. You can also decide whether an email should be forwarded or not.

There is a time-barred email option where the email expires after decided time has elapsed. These mail transfer to an "expired" folder which shows the sender what message was and when did it expire. EPRIVO is the first to support private voice-based emails, in addition to private text-based emails.

Now you might think what about the emails you received when you were not even using EPRIVO, or it didn't exist at all. Well, EPRIVO has got a solution for it as well. You can privatize, archive or encrypt any email you received from any account from the past. EPRIVO also allows you to send a text message on the recipient's mobile device notifying them that they will receive a private email by you.

EPRIVO has also patented a great way to secure your mail physically. Hackers nowadays can surpass digital security. If you use EPRIVO, none of the email providers will have your complete email information, whether encrypted or not. So even if someone breaches digital security; leaks your password, compromises encryption, you can still manage to protect your data physically.

There is full support of EPRIVO on iOS, Mac, Android, and the Windows version is coming soon. You can access this service on any device such as tablets, mobile phones, and laptops. There is also a web-based service, which you can access after installing EPRIVO Privacy Manager. And it also supports all latest authentication protocols, two-factor authentication, and Touch-ID/Face-ID based security.

The latest update has also included two new exclusive features which enables you to send an email to Non-EPRIVO users. Not only this, you can also read that email on a web-based viewer and password on your laptop too. 

The second feature is the addition of private voice emails where you can voice notes from your smartphone to both EPRIVO & Non-EPRIVO users effortlessly. It’s a great to futureproof your needs in case you wish to send remarks to someone and caring about privacy at the same moment. 

How to use EPRIVO? 

You may download EPRIVO on the internet free of cost. You can find it easily on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store to download on android mobiles, iPhones, and iPads. After downloading the application, click on "New User" and set up the form. 

You do not need to enter your address or phone number, but your email id, full name, and a new password are required. You can also add a referral code if you have. 

The next step is to give EPRIVO all the permission to read, compose, send, and permanently delete all your email. You can do this by logging into your account.

As you will register the 90 days, the free trial will start. When you look at the user interface is intuitive and well maintained.

As you open the app, there are two inboxes private inbox and non-private inbox. You can privatize any of the mail from the non-private inbox and then it will be accessible with EPRIVO app only in the private inbox. The private inbox contains all these privatized mails, but you can also remove mails from privatized to make it accessible at all servers back.

There is a privacy bar where they rank emails for privacy sensitivity. The higher the bar mails have high chance to be sensitive. All the privatized Non-Eprivo, private sent, expired sent, my recalled and drafts have separate mailboxes. There is also an option to change a few settings as per the need. And you can also link your phone contacts with it.

Subscription Plans

There are 90 days free included where no credit card is required to start the trial. There are four types of plans; Individual Plus, Family Plus, Celebrity Gold, and Celebrity Premium. You can get a free account if you are a US veteran, beta tester, or contributor to blogs, social presence, or any suggestions.

Individual Plus - ($11.99/year) If you are a single user, this plan is for you. Although there is no option for complimentary invitations and privatize metadata in this plan, it still serves as a great option.

Family Plus - ($17.99/year) This plan supports five users per account and made for the whole family. This plan also doesn't help complimentary invitations and privatize metadata.

Celebrity Gold - ($35.99/year) This plan gets you all the features you could get with EPRIVO. It restricts to one user per account. You will not miss out on any of the features.

Celebrity Premium - ($89.99/year) Similar to the celebrity gold plan, it supports all the features but not for one user but five users per account.

Complimentary invitations are a one-year subscription for recipients who do not use EPRIVO. And privatize metadata feature lets you remove metadata containing information about the sender and receiver from email headers in the cloud after you read the private mail at least once.

App Interface

As you know, EPRIVO is supported across all the platforms. And the user interface is so simple and clean looking. The font is easily readable, and the overall interface doesn’t disturb the eye at all. You can see yourself that the app on macOS is so clean and simplified that it makes workflow so easy.

And when you come to iOS and Android, the app is perfectly designed as per the phone with so much content just fitting into the screen without any compromise. All the features are included in the app, and you can also use Touch ID/Face ID depending on your device security.

Customer Support

EPRIVO has proven to give the best customer support. The response time is less than 24 hours on their hotlines, which connect too quickly. If you want a faster response, you can also mail them. The language supported are quite a lot, so it makes EPRIVO, a leading email security provider. 

There is a separate contact support button on the app as well which redirects to a mail draft. And if you have any general inquiries about the service you might find it solved in the Frequently Asked Questions page. The address registered on site is 400 Amity St. Suites 0-1-3-4 Amherst, MA 01002 where support hours are Monday to Friday 10AM-6PM, US Eastern Time (except holidays).


If you privatize your existing email accounts with EPRIVO private email, you will get full control of your mail from digital authentication to confidentiality. You can control what the recipient can or cannot do with your mail and even secure your metadata. You may also integrate this software with any other email client software and use EPRIVO's privacy features.

The overall experience while using EPRIVO is magnificent. With unique features, EPRIVO offers a lot to satisfy its customers. The user ratings of this app are excellent, but the customer base is yet to grow. There is no other company offering email software across all platforms with such powerful features. The subscription cost is also not much high for such private email service. 

With this flexibility, it is difficult to find a better alternative to this unique solution, so we expect growth in customers soon. If you still feel unsure go ahead and take the 90-day free trial at least, there is nothing to lose. You will be using a secure email without breaching your privacy.