Very disappointed with the continuous interruptions in your cable connec-tion? Unable to enjoy your favorite TV shows in the evening? Do not worry; just try to come out of it by following some simple steps we are going to provide in this article for you.

Keep in mind that improving the condition of a passive signal receptor like an antenna, must be done very carefully and tactfully, as results can differ extremely, from one location to another.

Troubleshooting TV Antennas:

Dealing with electronic equipment is not an easy job, especially TV antennas. Sometimes TV reception antennas malfunction or get dislocated from its place, causing trouble in receiving proper signal. This prevents us from watching our favorite shows. But now, with our TV antenna repair tips, you will be able to repair and troubleshoot the TV antennas yourself, for a perfect TV signal reception.

However, it is always recommended that if you are not confident enough about how to repair the damaged antenna, then you should take an expert’s advice from TV antenna Cranbourne.

Tips for TV antenna repairs for perfect TV Reception:

Remember to run a channel scan after applying each step to update chan-nels on your TV or external tuner. You must check the signal strength indica-tor for channels to verify if it is improving or not. Here you go with the steps, you have to follow to repair your poor TV reception:

1.      Increase the Elevation of Your Antenna:

Unless your antenna has a direct, clean “line of sight” to the transmission towers, the reception won’t be able to work correctly. Obstacles will surely make room for the radio frequency signals to split the easy flow of the sig-nals; this problem is called multipath interference.

Sometimes improper TV signal reception occurs because of the unattainabil-ity of a clear line of sight to the nearest TV stations. That is why antennas should be installed both outside and as high as possible (minimum 30 feet off the ground) for the best free flow of signals.

2.      Ensure Your Antenna is Properly Aimed:

Check your antenna, if it is correctly aimed or not. In case they are not aimed properly try to re-aim the antenna towards transmission towers.

3.      Try Altering the Position or Location of Your TV Antenna:

The slight change in the position of your antenna by re-aiming it can make a visible change. Try to change its location a bit and it’s not bringing the ex-pected result, entirely relocate it to an entirely new spot on your home.

4.      Reset Your Digital Tuner:

The work of digital tuner is to convert the incoming TV signals into digital form to display on your television screen. You can try by clearing the tuner’s memory cache to refresh the channel information which it stores during work. Generally, there is no need to reset the tuner but if you have no other way then do it.

5.      Secure Your Antenna and Components:

Antennas must have a sturdy waterproof coat, but in the course of time if the outside layer gets damaged then try things like:
•                    Weatherproof Cable Connections
•                    Replacing Worn Coaxial Cable
•                    Fasten Down Your Antenna
6.      Deal with it carefully:

Be very careful regarding the power lines while you are trying to fix or install a TV antenna. During the process, make sure that you are maintaining a dis-tance of 6 meters so as to lessen the peril of dangerous accidents.


These strategies we have enlisted above are suggested by professionals having experience of many years. Follow them, take proper measures, repair the poor reception, sit back and enjoy your favorite shows again.