Are you searching for an expert wallpaper editor for your device? If yes, then you have landed on the very right page. Today, we are going to discuss the best three photo editors to edit the wallpapers. Regardless of the fact if you are a beginner or an experienced person; all these apps are straightforward and straightforward to use. The best photo editing apps not only carry center to your picture but also makes your ordinary picture into something very unique and enhanced. 

The only question that many photographers have in their mind is which photo editor to choose for developing their skills. There are countless alternatives out there to browse, which includes both paid and unpaid. Hence, it is tough to choose the best among all the apps. Here, we have listed the best three photo editors that you can use:

1)    Adobe Light room

As we all know, adobe is the best photo editor, which gives the superior quality edited image. However, using adobe Photoshop is a bit difficult and bulky task. We have an ultimate alternative to adobe that has a straightforward interface to utilize i.e., Adobe Light room. 

Adobe Light room enables you to adore all the similar features of adobe but with a direct natural interface. It has incredible other highlights which are necessary to look upon. Some of them are:

•    For the photograph association, it has the feature of face recognition
•    Also, you can perform the corrections related to camera and lens
•    Brush and angle modifications are also allowed in Adobe Lightroom, which makes the picture look perfectly clicked.
•    It incorporates a feature of fixing and blurring with which you can enhance the focus of the film.
•    Some other stunning highlights of adobe Lightroom include professional filters, adjustable sliders, and other numerous gadget supports.  

2)    Capture one

Capture one is yet another one of the best photo editor app, which is very easy and straightforward to use. Moreover, capture one is entirely compatible with almost all the operating systems. It is similar to other editors in various aspects, but some of the superior highlights are there which differentiates it from all other software. Some of those definite highlights are as follows:

Interface adaptability:

Capture one allows you to customize your design exactly as you would prefer and even can make changes in keyboard shortcuts. 


This is one of the unique features of this software that not all altering devices provide. It incorporates layer feature through which you can make adjustments and that too on each layer. Also, it doesn’t show sluggishness that much other software starts showing very soon.

Propelled Color editing:

 Capture one is very much adaptable with sliders that alter the granularity of color changes. It not only works with multiple colors but also tones up the same color as well.


The software has appeared to work best with the enormous volume of pictures even over 20-megapixel RAW files. Also, it works much better than the other heavyweight contenders in this space. 

3)    CANVA

Canva is straightforward graphic design software which is gaining much popularity in the market. It comes up with both free and premium version so you can use Photoshop free online. It accompanies various photograph altering devices and items. You can easily install it on your smartphone and can start editing the pictures the moment you download it. The Canva provides you with vast amounts of formats, picture cards, and icons that can make your photo look more enhanced and beautiful. Some of the fantastic highlights of Canva are discussed below:

The Canva software enables you to make changes with the help of additional components in your picture with a simple drag and drop option. 

Also, you can add various text styles and layouts if you want. It provides over 8000 different designs that you can utilize.

You can apply image cropping and straightening highlight and can design it with different grids and photo frames. 

PosterMyWall helps you create posters, videos and graphics for your business. They have a great selection of eye catching templates and free downloads which you can use on your social media channels to promote your business. Their designs are easy to use and it doesn’t take long to create some awesome graphics with their website.


So, these were the best three photo editors that you can use to edit the wallpaper. All the software are straightforward to use and needs no professional knowledge.