As smartphones became an essential part of our modern life. The increasing dependence on mobile phones caused the rise of mobile apps market. There are apps that address different needs starting with fitness trackers and cooking apps and ending up with ridesharing apps and study tools. 

Medical apps also place high in the app stores charts. Some of them are aimed at medical professionals to help them to define diagnosis, provide online treatment, keep records of their patients, etc. There are also various medical apps for patients that make it easier to book an appointment, receive information about your lab results or control your taking medication. 

However due to such a large number of apps available for both iOS and Android users, it’s very easy to get lost among them and fail to choose the one that suits you the best. To help you download the right and the most useful for you medical app, regardless of whether you are a doctor or a patient, we created a list of top three medical apps that offer solutions to a vast range of medical-related inquiries.

Top 3 medical mobile apps

Let’s start with the apps dedicated solely to medical professionals. It’s important to point that such apps must contain only relevant information, true facts as it concerns sensitive issues, such as info about diseases, treatment methods and professional tips. These apps must also be HIPPa compliant to ensure that data collected and stored by the app is secured.

So number one in our hitparade is Figure 1 app. Available both to iOS and Android this app serves as a medical database illustrated with images and videos. This app allows physicians to share their experience and knowledge with thousands of other doctors across the globe or seek for a professional advice. Figure 1 makes it possible to connect with healthcare professionals and improve your skills if you are an aspiring medical student. 

Another prominent medical app that many doctors use is Epocrates. It is a drug referencing app that contains a database of various medical preparats including the descriptions, instructions of how to take them and information if there any side effects a patient may have while taking this pill. The detailed search options allows doctors to search drugs by the name, brand or treatment characteristics. 

And now let’s talk about a handy medical app designed specially for patients. It’s called GoodRX. This application allows users to save hundreds of dollars on prescriptions. It’s a well-known fact that the prices on drugs are not regulated by the government. Therefore pharmacies are free to speculate and sell pills and ointments for much higher prices than listing prices. It doesn’t even come as a surprise that the cost of the same medicine can differ tremendously from one drug shop to another. Given the situation, GoodRX app appears to be a lifesaver as it contains a constantly updated database on more than thousand of drugs providing their prices which allows users to look for the best bargains and deals. The app also notifies users about coupons and when the requested item is back in store. GoodRX Pro app is a version for doctors which they can use to provide their patients with the coupons on the prescribed medications.