Free and open-source languages have a broad community and the best has a good market for you to improve your career. They say that if you want to work on Google, the easiest way is to learn and specialize in Python. However, this is not the only reason to know the language created by Guido Van Rossum in 1991.

Currently used in large companies like Google and NASA, learning Python has become mandatory among programmers and is one of the simplest, most affordable and most enjoyable ways to get started in the development world.

Free and open source languages

The Python language is under the Python Software Foundation License, which is similar to GPL, except that you can distribute binary languages without having to attach fonts. That is, this is an open source language that allows modification and study of code.

It has a library and a broad community.

The Python language has a large standard library that has several modules for various needs that you might have during code. Also, support for programming in Python is very large. In a close community, you will find forums, Facebook groups, special websites, Youtube tutorials, e-books, and more.

This is multiplatform

Because it is an interpreted language, Python runs on any system that has an interpreter. Besides that there are Python "dialects" like Jython that are already well-known (how to write Python in Java).

High level

Python is a high-level, fast development (RAD) language that follows DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) and the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) technique, can be understood as English and always avoids leaving something implied.

Object oriented

Object orientation in Python is explicit and very pleasant. Incidentally, everything for Python is objects and packages (including "primitive" types), but nothing prevents you from programming in a structured or functional way.

It has a simple syntax

Python syntax is one of the most basic features. In Python, code blocks (for example, if) are done through indentations. This forces developers to indent their source code and ensure good readability. Besides reducing the use of "esoteric" characters like ->, ::,: =, {,}, in Python you can test the given string and create a list with only one line.

It has a good framework

Besides multiplatform and multiparadigm, in Python you can develop for all types of environments, whether desktop, web, or cellular. For this, Python has an extraordinary framework that helps from web development, to the development of advanced calculation scientific games or algorithms.

It has a large market

With well-known users such as Youtube, Dropbox, NASA and Google, Python is gradually gaining market share, with more space in the company and projects to be developed. If you already know about programming, but haven't studied this language, know that Python has the potential to increase the desire for programming.