No matter how small your business is – even a solo operation – a phone number has always been and always will be a must; there's just no substitute for human voice interaction as a way to gain trust and establish long-standing relations. If you're getting a phone for your small business, it should be a virtual one. 

A virtual phone service from Nirvanix will free you from the constraints of an office, allowing you to manage your business from anywhere, and have a remote team working seamlessly. Then, it's also important to mention that it's possible to have more than one virtual phone number, as they exist independently, unlike conventional numbers that are bound to sim cards or landlines. 

The purpose of having a virtual phone number is to get one gateway for multiple lines that are inbound. Since internet services are becoming more affordable with each passing day, this is also a very cost-efficient solution for small business, as this virtual phone service is safe, convenient, and accessible.

Smooth communication with the customers

Making your business accessible to all who want to get in touch with your company should be your top priority. Therefore, getting a virtual phone number might help you solve some of the following, most common problems that customers face when trying to reach a small business company:
  • Busy lines
  • Unanswered calls
  • Long response times
  • Voicemail directing without any explanation and reason
Such problems tend to divert potential prospects from giving you another call, and they make your company seem untrustworthy, which leads to losing customers to your competition. No customer wants to feel ignored. This is where a virtual phone number comes into play. 

It provides a certain advantage that allows you to overcome the aforementioned obstacles – it allows you to connect a single number to multiple incoming lines. If your line is busy, the call is transferred to another line where someone can pick up and take the call. 

That way, your customers don't have to wait, deal with unanswered calls and so on. With all this in mind, here are a few good reasons why you should get your business a virtual phone number online instantly.

Expand your communication capabilities

Succeeding in the ecommerce markets of today is a tough challenge. These markets are overcrowded, new businesses emerge from every corner, while huge enterprises set the competitive bar too high for small businesses to follow. Well, if you operate as a small business, you're usually tied to a limited area, where it's easier to get to know your target audience. The best tool to keep them connected is a virtual phone number. 

In fact, it can help you win them over as brand loyalty is a prerequisite to success. To create brand loyalty, you need to:
  • Make a favorable impression
  • Deliver your products and services flawlessly
  • Always be accessible to your customers
Since personal mobile numbers are the instruments of almost all business interactions, a virtual business number can be extremely helpful to improve your connectivity and make sure your business is always accessible. 

It also allows you to provide all essential information about your business address, alternative contacts, available services, pricing, and working hours. It's important to show your customers that you care for them, and giving them additional options is a good way to do it.

Add a professional touch to your business

Doing things in a professional way inspires trust in the eyes of your consumers. It's safe to say that a dedicated business number adds a nice professional touch to your organization.

A separate business line allows you to maintain constant and consistent communication with your customers, clients, potential prospects, partners, and employees, which drastically improves your productivity and efficiency.

Furthermore, it also gives you total control over customer interactions, which makes those interactions literally seamless. You can significantly boost your productivity and save time and effort while providing a customer experience that makes a difference. 

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Virtual phone numbers protect your privacy

Combining your personal and professional calls might be a tricky business, especially if you're on vacation. A virtual phone number can help you avoid such stress and keep your private life away from your professional life. 

It provides the most useful features, such as advanced routing and forwarding. A separate business line also takes care of any security vulnerabilities, as it's an effective security measure. 

You can use it in marketing campaigns to distribute professional contacts to your target audience only. Go here to find out more about why your business needs a virtual phone number.

Put simply – every small business can benefit from a virtual phone number implementation, as it's a highly valuable and effective asset that allows them to maintain constant communication with customers and employees.