Bitcoin is often in the news and no doubt you have heard of it. The press often obsesses with its huge price swings, and you may well have been considering checking out Bitcoin but were put off by this aspect of the cryptocurrency.

One way to get in on the Bitcoin action with the Bitcoin risk is to become a Bitcoin affiliate. This post looks at how this works in practice and what you need to get started.

The first thing to do is to take a look at and find a suitable partner. You should look at aspects such as rewards and decide if the affiliate is worth the effort.

All of this information is displayed on, and as you will discover, there are good commissions to be had.

How Bitcoin Affiliate Programs Work

The idea behind a crypto affiliate program is that you host a link on your site that points to the cryptocurrency provider. Every time the link is clicked and the user takes action, say opens an account and makes a purchase; you receive a commission.

To make money, it is imperative you have a site that receives plenty of traffic and one that is ideally related to the financial sector.

Being Accepted for an Affiliate Program

In many respects, Bitcoin providers will want to see evidence that you have:

A clean professional looking website. This will extend to graphics, navigation, and written content. The chances are that websites which deal in the shady side of things will not be accepted.

You see good regular traffic numbers in a month.

Your site has some connection with crypto.

As well as this you may have to follow specific rules to use your affiliate link. This will vary depending on the provider. It is essential to follow the rules as violations could lead to a suspension of the affiliate agreement, and you may not get paid no matter how many conversion you have generated.

If you meet the criteria, then you are all set to become a crypto affiliate.

Making the Most of your Crypto Affiliate Link

To promote your link, consider the following:

Often your affiliate partner will provide you with graphics such as banners and gifs to inspire a click from your users. If they do and you feel this fits with your site use it. A lot of affiliate success relies on inspiring clicks from users, and to pinpoint this often requires experimentation.

Experimenting with different options may well be needed for affiliate success.

Put your link in e-shots and social media posts. If you use e-shots, then this can be a great way to promote your affiliate link, and you can write targeted copy to achieve conversion. Again, social media can be utilized to generate conversions as well, and you should use hashtags and other features to promote your post.

If you’re seriously considering becoming an affiliate you may want to check out BitcoinFoundation to get a feel for the crypto before you begin.

Affiliate marketing offers a way to get involved in the Bitcoin revolution without taking too many risks.