The iPhone never leaves indifferent, for some it is always the best choice every year while for others the choices are excessive. For thirty days I’ve been using iPhone XS Max, in the most expensive configuration, and I cannot position myself on one side or the other. For your info, this device had been successfully sold thousands of units in the first days since its launch.

But let's go into the core and in the end I say my opinion about the iPhone XS Max.

Design: a powerful smartphone

The iPhone XS Max is based on the same design basis as that seen on the iPhone X. This may not be liked by those who want continuous updates in design, but need to be coherent. At this point, it is very difficult to keep sharpening products that are "broadly out" just a rectangle.

The iPhone XS Max is a blunt cellphone. I watched it the first day I had it in my hand, until now. Very personal dimension theme. I admit that I like XS more, but what really annoys me is the weight. You adapt but when you wear it or carry it in your pants pocket it can feel uncomfortable.

And I use it without a case, because with that I feel that the size and weight increase too much. Of course, in order not to add to them, I risked that by falling or accidental blows I might suffer worse damage.


The weight and fragility, two details that bothered me beyond the trace of the problem. Although it also has advantages such as wireless charging. I like excess glass but I still prefer metal backs. However, if we accept the use of the case, if the weight is not of our concern and the dimensions will suit us - with the benefit of a larger diagonal screen - the iPhone XS Max in the design issues a very premium smartphone device and can justify the share price it has.

In applications like Twitter, Instagram, VSCO, Lightroom ... the performance is very good but I haven't felt a big difference with how it works on Android devices with Snapdragon 845 processors, Kirin 980 or even some mid-range with 660 or 760.

iOS 12 and Apple A12 chips make you really enjoy the experience

If iOS is a strong reason in your choice of smartphone, you should know that here on this iPhone XS Max, you can enjoy most of all the power offered by the device with the Apple A12 chip. Maybe this is the reason why it is appropriate to pay more than the previous versions.

Without cable

I accept and I like the idea of Apple or other companies into the world without wires, at least with the minimum possible and with common connectors such as USB C through which we can connect everything we want.


There are always differences of opinion, but broadly speaking, the iPhone XS Max offers more experience to explore the world of Apple. This is probably the reason why Apple has managed to sell this device to people who previously had an iPhone X. Today we can see that many people sell iPhone X to be replaced with the iPhone XS Max.