Since its earliest beginnings, the web has been continuously changing. To remain relevant, web developers must stay updated past the current website development trends and look into the future. 2018 has been an exciting year for the web development arena with various new JavaScript frameworks in the offing. 

Customized user experience (UX) 

Personalization of sites and their design has been around for quite a while. However, as more individuals become more attached and dependent on their mobile devices, the user experience is set to reach new heights. To increase conversion on their websites, businesses will need to develop plans that go into the detail on how to personalize their sites depending on an individual’s preferences, gender, and age. Customizing the user experience (UX) leaves a website’s visitors with the view that the business cares about them as well as their needs. 

Bold typography and minimalism designs 

Typography on the net is set to get grander and bolder, making it a style that is emerging in numerous upcoming websites. While typography may be visually pleasing, using distracting fonts tends to make readers lose focus on the core message that the website is attempting to convey. Instead, they might get annoyed with the site, which often leads to a loss of web visitors. Merging bold typography with a touch of minimalism is a business’s winning ticket to appear to be up to date. 

Augmented reality 

Augmented reality is primarily considered a gaming technology, but it is nowadays becoming a notable trend in web development. It is evident in sales applications and websites. It is becoming easier for businesses to allow their customers and prospects to interact through augmented reality because most mobile devices nowadays come with a camera. 

Artificial intelligence 

Many small, medium and large business enterprises consider digital transformation as the backbone of their business strategies to gain a competitive edge against their competition. Business leaders often allude to artificial intelligence (AI) as the primary driver of digital transformation. AI is increasingly getting into various spheres of business and entertainment these days. 

Web components 

Web components can be considered as widgets for websites which can easily be reused several times by several users. Web components permit users to create reusable tailor-made interface components with their uses compressed away from the rest of the developer’s code – the component’s DOM is concealed from the parent’s, and no system can face conflicts. 

Accelerated mobile pages 

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are increasingly becoming a significant contributor to web traffic for leading publishers across the world. AMP refers to an open-source project that is designed to enhance the performance of online content as well as advertisements. The AMP technology is considered to be a competitor to instant articles on some of the most significant social media sites.