Capcom Co Ltd, otherwise known as Capcom Games, is a widely successful Japanese video game developer. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2019, the company name is derived from both ‘capsule’ and ‘computer’. It was first established as IRM Corporation in 1979, with the aim of developing and selling electronic games machines, primarily in Osaka. 

Capcom Games has been the inspiration for films, TV programmes and even formed the design of popular Capcom Games neon signs. In 1983, the company released their first originally developed coin-op game, ‘Little League’ followed by ‘Fever Chance’ later in the same year. A year later in 1984, Capcom released its first arcade video game ‘Vulgus’, followed by ‘1942’, ‘Commando’ and ‘Ghosts’n Goblins’.

Growing a brand
By 1985, only 6 years after the company was established, they opened CAPCOM USA INC in California to allow distribution across America. In the same year, Capcom released its first home video game ‘1942’ for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

4 years later, Capcom established a resident office in the UK. This happened around the same time as the arcade video games ‘Street Fighter’ and ‘Final Fight’ were released. Capcom had built a strong reputation for successful line of video games within a decade, and in 1993 they expanded to Asia with CAPCOM ASIA headquartered in Hong Kong.

One of the most pioneering moments of Capcom’s history was in 1996, when the company released ‘Resident Evil’ for PlayStation. This established the genre of survival horror within video games that is still highly popular today.

Continued success
In 2001, Capcom released ‘Onimushsa’ for PlayStation 2 which sold more than 1 million units; a first for a PlayStation 2 title. What followed was a line of impressive and best-selling video games, cementing Capcom as an international leader in electronic games.

In the same year, Capcom released ‘Devil May Cry’ for PlayStation 2 which was an instant hit. This was shortly followed by the premiere of the Hollywood film ‘Resident Evil’ in 2002, a franchise that went on to release a further 5 films in the series from 2004 to 2016.

Capcom were forever reinventing their releases and moving with the times. In 2006, they released ‘Dead Rising’ for the Xbox 360, which again sold more than 1 million units. This was incredibly impressive for a new title on a brand new game console. By 2009, Capcom were releasing titles for the iPhone and iPad; ‘Resident Evil: Degeneration’ and ‘Resident Evil 4’ respectively.

In 2010, they distributed the social game ‘Smurf’s Village’ for iPhone. It became the top download in 62 countries around the world. By 2016, the company had established Capcom Mobile to continue success within the mobile game industry.

With subsidiaries across the world, Capcom is behind some of the most popular video games that are still played today including ‘Devil May Cry’ and ‘Street Fighter’. Creating nostalgia for past generations and exciting gaming opportunities for the next generation, Capcom is a real pioneer in its industry.