Of late, cases of data breaches have been on the rise and users are now concerned about the safety of their personal data. The big question is, how can users be sure which online communication is best protected? 

According to research, messenger apps are now bigger than social networking sites. On an hourly basis, thousands and thousands of people from all over the world exchange messages via these apps. In a world where data logging and internet surveillance has become a common thing, online data protection is essential. With organizations and agencies often looking for ways to access private communication, more and more consumers are now seeking protection from surveillance and hackers. 

What Is The Most Secure Messaging App?

Recently, many users all over the world have experienced major data breaches. Some reports confirmed that some messenger apps were stealing data and selling it to establishments who were using the data for commercial purposes. For this reason, both individuals and organizations have been looking for the best secure messaging app for iOS and Android devices. 

The good news is that now there is a safe messenger that can be safely downloaded and provides utmost security to users’ data- This app is Pinngle safe Messenger. Pinngle is a legitimate instant messaging app that was recently launched into the market. This messaging app has already grown in popularity and has turned into an alternative to most messengers available today.

About Pinngle Safe Messenger

Pinngle safe messenger is a free app that connects users across the globe with instant voice calls, messaging and video chat. It was created by a team of multinational people, led by a senior telecommunication expert in 2016. The team that gave birth to this app had a mission to bring honesty and clarity back to the modern day communications. The main aim behind this creation was to make telecom smarter, safer and faster, while preserving the value and importance of authentic communication as well.

What Are Pinngle’s Values?

Allow people to express themselves without reservations and free of fear.
Make communication simple and worry-free for everybody.
The app is developed to serve everyone, using any device, from any part of the world.
Maximize human interaction by offering the highest standards of call privacy, quality and fun.
Allow users to do more with less through sustainable yet practical app.

Features Of Pinngle safe Messenger

Some of the features that makes Pinngle safe Messenger outstanding and better than other messaging apps include:

End-to end data encryption that helps to keep users’ information private.
Users can connect from anywhere.
Customize chat option.
Share files of any size or type.
Location sharing enabled.
Built-in camera to share videos and photos quickly.
Minimal data usage.
Pinngle public channels
Saves battery life.
Free voice and video chats.
Excellent voice and video call quality.
Works even with 2G networks.

What Makes Pinngle The Best Option?

Uses Own Security Algorithms

In order to add an extra layer of security, the company that created Pinngle developed its own algorithms. No other developer has these special security algorithms in the world and this is what guarantees protection for online communication. 

Pinngle Does Not Rely On Servers

Most messaging apps rely on servers where they store information that users share. On the contrary, Pinngle does not store information that users share, including their contact information on servers. What most people don’t realize is that other chat apps store user information and data so that they can use it the way they want, putting users’ personal data at risk. 

Pinngle is End-to-End Encrypted Across All Platforms

An end-to-end encryption means that users are free to share information without any interference. Pinngle has created a foolproof system that neither they nor even the government can access users’ calls or content. The advanced end-to-end encryption used ensures that all messages and calls shared with Pinngle remain secure.

How Does End-to End Encryption Work?

End-to-end encryption sends a user’s call contents and messages from their device to the receiving device as a scrambled code. The receiver’s device then translates the message into plain text. This way, users’ safety is guaranteed since even Pinngle itself cannot read or access the data in the first place.

As mentioned earlier, since other messengers such as whatsapp , yahoo messenger and viber telegram have been accused of stealing users’ data for reasons varying from controlling what content is shared to public safety, it is best to switch to Pinngle safe Messenger which not only guarantees safety, but also allows users to enjoy freedom of communication and peace of mind.