Web push notifications are the pop-up notifications that are delivered on a user’s mobile screen or desktop anytime they have their browser open, whether he is on the website or not.  

So, if you own a website and you have not implemented it yet, then you are losing a considerable number of obtainable opportunities for your business.

Email marketing, over the years, has proven to be an efficient way to communicate with prospects and clients. However, today, the marketing tactics are evolving and bringing some fantastic techniques to communicate with prospects effectively!

Many website owners still use email marketing because they may not aware that how web push notifications can bring a remarkable change in their business' tactics. 

So, here is the list of 4 fantastic benefits of web push notifications that tells you why it is essential for web owners and advertisers:

Less Time Taking!

It is much easier to send web push notifications as it is less time taking if compared to that of creating an email or a newsletter. 

Other techniques take a lot of efforts and time to design an enticing message for a headline, or creating illustrations, etc. Furthermore, these messages require lots of editing, reviewing, and proofreading, whereas push notifications can easily grab attention of the users who are genuinely interested in! 

Creates Better User Engagement

Push notifications are a great way to send real-time updates to attract a generous number of customers. It can also help you in sending reminders that will help you to engage your audience with your brand regularly, even if they are not familiar with. 

According to stats, 85% of these were segmented in 2017 increased from 65% in 2015 which means that users find it useful!

Thus, web owners have a great chance to build better engagement with their customers. It will also allow you to remain in touch with the users in a non-inquisitive way by delivering timely messages and relevant information. It is a great technique to get your users engaged in new features and promotions by sending details like special offers and rewards description. 

Saves Your Money!

Creating a whole another mobile app needs a definite portion of the marketing budget and can require extra maintenance cost. Web push notification is something that will help you perform your marketing messaging without even creating any mobile app. 

These notifications work perfectly on browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox like it works in any application on smartphones. It can not only save your money on app development but also save your maintenance cost, and expenses on other essential business requirements.

Targets Real Audience

Emails can be uncertain when it comes to the audience who is receiving it.  Sometimes the message may not always reach out to the real and targeted audience

Web Push Notifications are different where the customer receives the notification on his web browser, and also the chances of the fake audience are lesser. It enables immediate communication with the customers and with those who have indeed subscribed to it. 


If a user agreed to get push notifications through your website, he is actually interested in what you are offering. It further means that your offerings have a higher possibility to motivate existing clients to come back and convert potential users into paying ones. 

It will be fair to say that web push notifications are a winning marketing tactic for businesses. While most of the emails can get lost in your user's inbox, push notifications are capable of sending messages instantly resulting in better conversions. Therefore, this makes it yet another strong communication tool that many marketers are using in their businesses.