Online users are very meticulous when it comes to websites that they support, most especially when it’s an e-commerce shop wherein they buy things and pay for them. As a new player in the field, it is very important that you gain their trust by proving to them that your website is reliable and honest. In this article we will share some tips that you can consider.

Tip 1: Offer high quality products and services

First of all, you should ensure that you only offer high quality products or services as advertised on your website. This is the most important factor to gain and keep customers. Do not cheat customers in any way. It is advisable to include detailed description of products that you are selling. The photos should be real and not just photoshopped. Make sure that the items in the photos are the same in person.

Tip 2: Have an SSL certificate 

Online users are starting to check whether the website has https and padlock in the URL. For them, it is one clear sign that the website is safe. Well, they are very right. SSL certificate allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. Usually, this is used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer and login details. With this, the users feel safe to enter their details - especially billing details - without worrying that someone might hack and use these illegally. So before you go live, make sure that you have this SSL certificate for your site first and foremost.

Tip 3: Provide important pages like Terms of Use and Privacy Policy 

One of the first few things that online users check when they encounter a new website is check out the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. They check these things so make sure that you include these. You should also include a how-to guide or page like how to order on your site which basically guides users especially the new ones.

Tip 4: List down all contact details wherein they can reach you

Another page to include is the Contact Us page wherein you list down all contact details including email address, phone number, office address and others. They want to know how to reach admin in case they have questions or if there is any issue that needs to be addressed.

Tip 5: Have a chat support button on your website 

Also, it would be an added bonus for you if you will include a Live Chat support button that users can utilize in order to send a message across customer service rep for their questions. They will feel more confident that you know how to take care of customers well.

Tip 6: Be active in social media

Another way to make users trust your site is by being active in social media. You can share announcements there or even reply to people’s messages. It is a good channel to communicate with your audience. It is also great to link your official social media accounts to your website in case they wish to connect. 

Online users have every right to become meticulous since they are sharing personal and billing details and they pay for the products that you offer in the website. Follow the tips that we discussed here to see not only traffic increasing but also sales.