Modern business has its own set of challenges, and the couple main ones are: to generate leads that will convert into faithful customers and simultaneously cater to the needs of the existing customers. Lead generation can be done using through quality content, paid ads on search engines and social media, and even organically using social media platforms. 

And when it comes to B2B lead generation through social media platforms, LinkedIn proves to be 277% more effective than any other social media platform.

LinkedIn reached 610 million users this year and this is rife with so much potential lead generation. Almost every professional is on LinkedIn these days, and hence it is absolutely imperative to have a LinkedIn account to expand one's outreach and to generate quality leads and data for your firm. However, this process is quite cumbersome and here a few useful tips to use LinkedIn effectively for lead generation:

Invest in Virtual Networking 

LinkedIn is a huge virtual network, hence use it effectively to send across a great image of your brand. The best solution to effective advertising is to use audio-visual forms. You can invest in creating a short 30 second or one-minute video commercial that aims at providing a holistic view of all the features of your company. This places you at a competitive advantage as reports suggest that 80% of social media leads are through LinkedIn as it is used by all top tier as well as bussing entrepreneurs, hence creating a diverse and vast space for building connections. 

Build your connections network wisely 

It is quite obvious that we need to establish a wide network on LinkedIn, but often people just rashly add everyone visible on the screen. Experts suggest that this often backfires on LinkedIn. For this purpose, the recommendations list might be a good place, to begin with, as it connects you to verified and potential customers rather than a pointless amalgamation of connections that won't prove useful. You can also keep track of the visitors to your profile, as it is likely that they are already a little interested in your products and services and you can use the email notifications from LinkedIn regarding the same. 

Create yourself a quality lead list where you make an attempt to get to know the people and forge real business relationships. Follow the current leads and prospects so that you are updated on their interests and potential mergers.
Update your account regularly

The most important part of maintaining your presence in a competition is to be updated about other firm's development as well as keep the virtual world updated of your progress. Complete your LinkedIn profile; ensure that there are no loose ends. Mention all the details so that the viewer gets a nuanced view of your firm- provide complete details about your company including its size, location, operational years, products/services, etc. An up to date profile makes your firm look legitimate, professional and business-worthy. 

Join groups where these updates hold more value. By using targeted posts, you can share your firm's insights as well as build an effective network with prospects. Similarly, it is important to make note of others' achievements. This step goes a long way in fostering relationships as a simple recognition with an @reply reminds the other person of your presence, and helps you to stay in good books. 

Use Search Engine Optimization in Engaging Data 

Do not assume that Search Engine Optimization is limited to Google. Using effective keywords in your content can double your traffic in a space with extensive potential like LinkedIn. The first step is to identify the keyword and this investment is quite worthy as it would also provide a lot of data about your target audience. This way you can effectively connect to specific leads by generating traffic. The next step is to use these keywords in your titles, descriptions, etc as it would make it more accessible.

Don’t be afraid to use lead generation tools

Lead generation tools usually help extract relevant data for businesses to reach out to potential customers. eCrawl is one such software that ethically extracts data for your firm. Our innovative methods match the growing size of LinkedIn's database, providing you over 90% of the profiles at a time. eCrawl does this with an official license, and this information can be used for statistics, research as well as education.