Instagram has proved to be the most active social media network. This is because of the visual aesthetics of Instagram and you get the best chance to tell the people about you, your emotions and ultimately about your products in the form of photos and videos. 

There are about 8% of the accounts that follow a business on Instagram and also, there are millions of users that are active every single day. In this article, I will let you know how to increase your Instagram presence in a number of ways. No matter if you are business owner, marketer or Instagram famous and you don't have time to manage Instagram marketing then you can automate your liking process with Instagram Auto Liker and get organic reach on Instagram very fast. If you want to build Instagram Marketing by yourself then follow these step to get organic Instagram presence. 

Know What Your Instagram Brand Stands For:

With the fastly growing world, trends also change. Knowing what your Instagram brand stands for and what are the key objectives of your brand is the first step in learning how to increase your Instagram presence. Your brand should have a clear mission statement and also have a short list of brand values. You and your team should act upon these values. For example, what is the packaging of your products and how to use hashtags according to that packaging?

Utilize Instagram Ads:

By utilizing the Instagram ads, you can definitely increase your Instagram presence. You can take advantage of targeting and custom audiences. By targeting the customers of your competitors and also building a custom audience by targetting people who are engaged with your audience.

Encourage Interactions:

Interactions are the best way to increase your Instagram presence and you can encourage interactions by asking your audience to like, comment, save, view and share your posts. Thus, interactions will increase by these things and people will see your content in their newsfeed.

Experiment with Various Post Types:

There are three ways to share the content on Instagram. You can share any video content on IGTV. In the news feed, you can publish a post. You can share your content in the story which is shown at the top of the follower's feed for 24 hours. As far as the business or the brand is concerned, you should utilize all of the content types to increase your visibility on Instagram.

Collaborate With Others:

Building a strong relationship with your audience on Instagram is not an easy job. You have to be patient while building a relationship with your audience. You can post on another person's account by "Instagram takeover" and thus your brand is exposed to new audiences. You can also take help from the influencers to increase your Instagram presence.

Make Sure Your Brand Hashtags Feel Natural:

When you are using the brand hashtags in your post, make sure that the hashtags feel natural. Hashtags are a great way to increase the number of followers and also engagement rates. But don't use too many hashtags in the news feed as people get bored of too much publicity. Hashtags should represent your company values. You should mix your brand's unique hashtags with the word or a phrase so that it looks particularly your and your brand.

Don't Be Afraid of Change:

You should try new things on Instagram and don't be afraid of change. You should stay on top of the latest product development. You can use Instagram polls in Instagram stories or you can post the astonishing pictures from the gallery that runs through sequential images.

Own A Visual Style:

To represent the brand in front of the bigger audience, you should make a unique visual style and also choose the different color palette. But this is not an easy task as you should do searches on it and you take help from other brands that have proved to be famous in the social media. You should do some work on the style of imagery that will increase the likes and comments on your post.

Establish Your color Palette:

You should use a unique color palette that represents your brand. The color palette you use could be derived from your brand logo, or from the packaging. You can use the series of colors in a block of 9 images. You can also take help from VSCO when selecting the color palette.

Final Words:

When talking about expanding your business, Instagram is the best option as it is providing you the best opportunities to increase your brand's exposure to the big audience. You can make a strong relationship with your customers.