Emails are such a constant part of our lives that we often underestimate just how much we need them and how strongly we depend on them. Tons of valuable, important information is stored there, and more often then not, people have no other backup, confident that they will always be using this inbox. But in reality, it’s not always the case.

Outlook is one of the most reliable email services provided by Microsoft. If you’re among those who would like to migrate there, the best way to do it is to purchase a license that will allow you to easily transfer to Outlook here, with no hassle or complications. Why would people migrate between emails, though, and what exactly does Outlook Transfer license offer?

Reasons Why People Choose To Move To Outlook

There are several reasons explaining why people might decide that they want to discard their previous email address and choose another provider of services, such as Outlook. First, it’s always safe to have backup copies of all files. This way, if you suddenly lose access to your main inbox or something else happens — for example, someone breaks into it and all messages are deleted, you’ll have copies that will keep your files untouched.

Another reason is that many email services stop being satisfactory to people. For instance, IncrediMail is a great service, but it has very limited functions, especially if you use it in business purposes. Because of this, many people decide to migrate from it, and Outlook is an incredibly attractive option. What in particular will your Outlook Transfer license give to you?

Outlook Transfer License

By acquiring it, you’ll be able to do the following options.

·         Transfer files from IncrediMail to Outlook;
·         Move data from Live Mail to Outlook;
·         Transfer content-heavy emails from Gmail to Outlook;
·         Transfer your content from such places as Netscape, Turnpike, The Bat, vCard, Eudora, Entourage, Mac Mail, and more.

The process of the transfer itself is very easy and effective. If you don’t know much about similar operations and try to avoid using any programs unless absolutely necessary, Outlook Transfer will fit you perfectly because it has an incredibly intuitive interface. You’ll realize what to do by yourself right away.

Another good thing is that the process of transfer is basically automatic. You just select which files you’d like to transfer and the software does everything for you. There is also a 100% secure encoding system that will protect your files. So, don’t worry about them suddenly becoming unreadable. It won’t happen. Note that the license has to be renewed on a yearly basis, though.

The price for transfers depends on the size of your files. 1 gig will cost you only 1$. There is also a small fee of 4.95$ for the transaction process. So, just add these numbers and calculate your price accordingly.

Transferring files to Outlook has become a popular solution. If you’re interested in it, consider acquiring a special license. It will take care of your files in the best way possible.