Photographers and Artist choose the ideal editing software to enhance their abilities. There is an infinite number of unique choices out there to select from, from better-known systems such as Photoshop and Adobe to simple but effective options like Fotor. There are even some great free options.

In the present post, we are going to answer the question"what's the best photo editing software for pc?" 

 So Here is the list of best photo editing software for pc

1. Photolemur

The Fully automated photo enhancer with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Fotor Features

Auto Face enhancement with Skin retouch
Smart Eyes Enlarge
Adding Styles to Photo
Sky Enhancement
Color Recovery
Raw Processing


GIMP is a Free, open-source image editing Application. The Application has a range of professional-quality features which can rival Adobes Photoshop capabilities. Its remarkable features permit the user to quickly tune photos/images and create artwork from scratch. The selection includes sound reduction, cropping, automated image enhancement applications, color adjustment tools, gradients, customizable brushes, plus much more.

GIMP also Provides lots of features for the advanced user such as filters, Bezier curves, layer masks, and an animation package. Best free image editing software, and even the perfect package for geek photographers that prefer to maintain their editing distance in check.

GIMP Features

Customizable interface
photo enhancement
Digital retouching
Hardware support
File format
Original artwork
Graphic design elements

3. Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a picture, and layout editing applications built for professional painters, photographers, and artists. Imaging and design application which is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud service and allows users to design websites, mobile applications, posters, banners, and icons throughout the assistance of its easy-to-use templates and intuitive tools. Additionally, it offers professional photography tools which help create and enhance images, transforming them into fantastic works of art.

Adobe Photoshop Features

Stroke Smoothing
Brushes from Kyle T. Webster
Better Brush Organization
Color and Luminance Range Masking
Access Lightroom Photos
Quickly Share Creations
Quick Share Menu
Variable Fonts
Curvature Pen Tool
Custom Path Color and Width
Properties Panel
Paste as Plain Text
360 Panorama Workflow
Copy-Paste Layers
Paint Symmetry
Depth Map Import from High Efficiency Image File (HEIF)

Best HDR Software

HDR stands For High Dynamic Range. Dynamic range is the ratio of light to dim. Digital cameras and smartphone cameras have a limit when it comes to capture the vibrant range.

The sensors in cameras are far less dynamic than the human eye, but HDR processing software will otherwise map shadow and highlights by overlapping several different exposures of the same image. The software takes each level of exposure and combines the data, distributing the light captured by the sensors throughout the image more accurately.

Here are the list of best hdr software millions of satisfied professionals are using them.

1. Aurora HDR 

Aurora HDR features a new Quantum HDR engine using artificial intelligence-based tone mapping technologies. It make the more effective picture, merging to produce natural results that don't look contrived - unless you would like them to. A New Smart HDR Structure feature provides more exact details and thoughtful sharpness with no artifacts, noise, or halos.

The software runs as a standalone app, as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, or as an Apple Photos extension. It also supports Photoshop plug-ins like Imagenomic along with the Nik Collection.

2. HDR Projects 4

HDR Projects 4 is still another popular HDR Processing software we had considered. It's distinct from Aurora in many ways. For instance, it doesn't allow much customization. You have to select the HDR design first and then import the picture. HDR Projects 4 provides has a much better collection of presets, though.

There are More than 150 HDR presets that you can apply. Rendering is quick, and HDR Projects 4 doesn't consume many resources. In many ways, HDR Projects 4 User Interface resembles that of Aurora HDR 2019, but that's great. We had not much trouble in getting used to it.

HDR Projects 4 is a better option for hardcore specialists. It's offering many innovative features that we hadn't seen in others.

3. EasyHDR 

EasyHDR is a High Dynamic Range image processing applications that combine exposed photographs to HDR radiance map and tone maps them. Using one photograph, easyHDR may be utilized to increase refresh and contrast colors.

Performance is placed where easyHDR becomes a pain in the buttocks. You may need to wait around for some time for rendering the HDR exports. In the same way, it does not have the best collection of presets. Even then, we would suggest easyHDR for those who demand a customized method to take care of their HDR projects.