In any game, when you are unable to reach the level or when you can't unlock the item you are looking for, it may be sometimes frustrating. 

Unless you are motivated, skilled and can play hours everyday, the fastest way to gain the elo you wanted is to let someone else do it. But you are maybe wondering how and who would be able to do it.

There are lots of reasons to buy elo boost. The most common game concerned by eloboosting is obviously one of the most played game on PC, League of Legends. 

For exemple, you may need it at the end of the season to unlock some rewards, when you are ending a losing streak or when your account has been demoted for inactivty after two weeks. 

It maybe sounds weird, but many people are buying it and are happy about it most of the time if it's completed by serious companies with serious boosters that work on your account. 

It's of course risky to ask anyone to boost your elo because it can be very difficult at high ranks. 

Some very skilled player can sometimes fail due to the fact that they aren't playing champions that can carry everytime (support players). 

When you call a real company to buy elo boost, you can be sure you won't need to wait a long period of time before being able to get your LoL account back and play again. Even if you are buying many divisions or tiers, the best boosters are going to get many League points for each wins because they are able to wins dozen of times in a row which improve overall the matchmaking rating. 

A boost doesn't cost much, however it's a good idea to check prices on different places (since there are may) to choose the better one. 

After the boost, you can even improve yourself by stuying the games played by the booster and your own games to see the differences like decisions, strategy, itemisation or anything that made you loose more. 

When the guides you read or the streams you watched only helped you learning LoL theoretically, you can spectate in live during a boost how to do in practice.