Before I go on about how to improve local SEO and mention various tips from the industry experts, I believe I should first introduce you to what actually is local SEO.

Local SEO means how you optimize a website for a local audience. While using a website generally allows you to target a mass audience, and is meant for wide spread marketing tactics, if your target audience is concentrated in a particular area like the nearby area where your shop or business is located, then you need to concentrate on the local SEO and improve it.

One very important aspect of local SEO is making sure people are able to find you offline. If say, you have a local shop or business or have people who visit your office regularly, then you have to optimize your website in a way that they are able to find your location. This is the essence of local SEO. Basic thing about local SEO is how you attract locals to you business. 


For local SEO, search engines aren’t everything. Yes, it is important but for local SEO, word of mouth and printed pamphlet or promotional events will prove to be a lot more important as they are centered more on the local customers. A tactic to improve online traffic would be to mention your website link and social media accounts on the pamphlets or billboards.

At first, handling local SEO might seem daunting to you, but once you read the tips that I will mention below in my article, you will be surprised how easy it will become keeping those things in mind.

Some Local SEO Tips from Market Experts

Guys, below are mentioned some of the local SEO tips that will make sure that your business attracts more customers.

1. Patrick Coombe, CEO of Elite Strategies

 According to Patrick, for success of local SEO in today’s world, you need to treat your website as a living organism and not just as a static piece where you can dump anything just for the sake of “optimizing“ it. For example, when you write something on a blog or website, it shouldn’t simply be a collection of words, you should go out and take live pictures, make videos and upload them along with the written content. Having a truly responsive website is mandatory for success of local SEO in today’s world.

2. Will Guthrie , Blue Laser Design

According to Will Guthrie, the domain name that you choose for your business is very important for SEO. When you start a business, you should be careful while choosing the domain name. Your domain name shouldn’t simply consist of popular keywords, today Google prefers the domain names to be unique. This can help you improve your SEO.

3. Sean Si,SEO and Founder SEO Hacker –

According to Sean, the top three factors that Google considers for ranking are content, links and Rankbrain. SEO is a holistic process and hence you need to keep all the aspects in mind while and approach SEO in its totality. The content should be fresh and should combine keywords in a seamless way. Link building is also very important and spammy links should be avoided. Also Google has started giving increased importance to mobile websites and as such, you should focus on proper mobile website optimization.

4. Steve Wiideman,CEO of Wiideman Consulting Group –

In Steve’s experience, one important way for local SEO could be to have local businesses promote occasional events and collaborate with them to reach out to the local people. He believes, hyperlocal marketing is better than paying a monthly or annual fee to a data syndication platform alone.

5. Andrew Tuzson, Evol Empire Creative –

According to Andrew, accurate and consistent citations are important for SEO as Google and other search engines use them to evaluate the online authority of your business. You should first of all check client citation information, including business details such as name, address, contact details, etc on any web page. Citations may be structured or unstructured, but their accuracy is of paramount importance as inaccuracy may to lead to bad results on Google.
6. Maddy Osmon, SEO Content Strategist at The Blogsmith

-   According to Maddy, the simplest thing that you can do to improve local SEO is to set up complete a Google My Business profile.

7. Clayton Johnson, CMO at The Hoth -

The number 1 tip according to Clayton would be to focus on getting more reviews for your business. Google is showing more and more schema stars in the serps, and that influences people, whether they click on your website or not.

8. Erick Carlson, -

According to Erick, you can get high rankings from only effective, quality content. He says that if you want to rank high locally, you need to have good content. You can take a look at the top 5-10 ranked websites to get an idea of what sort of content you might need for SEO. You should create articles related to each keyword and also try to include pictures, reviews and testimonials in these articles. Every different product or service should have separate web pages on the website.

9. Scott Gombar, CEO of CT SEO -

Scott says that understanding how exactly Google search works might be the way to go. According to him, you should ensure that you are maintaining a Google My Business profile and update it regularly.

Provide accurate local details on your website and ensure that key local listing directories have accurate and relevant data for your business.

10.  David Leonhardt, President of The Happy Guy -

According to David, you should create a local news blog with topics of specific interest to your audience. For example, if your business is related to construction works, then you should post all news related to local construction work. You should be the go to source for local information, then the local news and bloggers will come to you for news and can provide valuable links for you.