Inkjet printers can print high-quality images by dropping spots of ink onto paper. Compared to laser printers which uses toner to print, an inkjet printer uses ink and is best for low volume printing. Inkjet printers are the most efficient if you print a small volume of documents and photos. Being said that, inkjet printers have the versatility to print high-quality images at a cheaper rate than laser printers. 


How Inkjet Printer Works?

Liquid Ink is sprayed onto paper through microscopic nozzles by inkjet printers. Inkjets rely on liquid ink to print pages. The colour of the paper varies depending on the type of ink (dye or pigment based). Manufactures such as Hewlett Packard and Canon use Thermal bubble technology whereas Epson uses Piezoelectric technology.

A thermal bubble is a technology in which a bubble is created by vaporizing the heat produced by tiny resistors and ink is pushed out of a nozzle onto the paper. 

In Piezoelectric technology, piezo crystals located at the back of the ink reservoir vibrates when a tiny electric charge is passed through it. These vibrations result in spraying of ink onto the paper.

High-Quality Outputs

The resolution of placing of ink dots in a good inkjet printer is 1440 x 1440 dpi (dots per inch). The more the dots, the better the image quality. Inkjet printers blend smooth colours onto the paper. But, the actual quality of the print will depend upon the type and quality of ink used. Inkjet printers can print on various types of paper including glossy photo paper, textured stationery, and on some fabrics. 

Cost Of Printing

Cost of printing per page varies from printer to printer but it falls in the same general range. According to Tom’s Guide, Black and White paper printing costs around 5-10 cents whereas colour printing is around 15-25 cents. Compared to the toner cartridges the ink cartridges are cheaper. You can also buy remanufactured ink cartridges as they are cheaper and does the job perfectly. 

Compact Size And Quiet Operation

An inkjet printer is the most compact when compared to similar types of laser printer model. The printers offering all in one functionality or A3 printing are also small. The print mechanism of inkjet printers produces very little noise. Also, these printers are lighter and easier to maintain. 

Where To Buy Inkjet Printers?

Inkjet printers are less costly because the technology used in them is less complex when compared to other types of printers. Cost-efficient inkjet printers with CD printing technology are better. A budget inkjet printer costs around $30- $100 but a good printer can cost anywhere between $120 and $299. It’s better to buy printers online as it can help you save some bucks with all the discounts online retailers offer. The cost of ink cartridges is around $15-$20 per ounce. However, high-quality ink cartridges cost around $50-$75 per ounce. A common complaint people using inkjet printer have is that the ink dries up if the printer is not used often. You can easily buy inkjet cartridges at the lowest prices from stores like Inkjet Wholesale. Buying online has become safe as all the printers come with a warranty so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the printer as well as the ink. 


Inkjet printers have become the go-to home printer because of its cheaper cost and compact size. Affordable price allows students as well as families to get a versatile multifunction printer without burning a hole in their pocket. Though the printing speed of an inkjet printer is less when compared to laser printers, the high-quality print makes it worthy. 
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