Blogger Outreach has become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for brands and individuals. It is the practice of outreaching bloggers or publishers, requesting them to publish your content on their website. 

As a digital marketing strategy, blogger outreach has been associated with various other terms like-

Sponsored Post
Guest Posting
Link Building

Blogger Outreach involves identifying a set of influencers and use their platform to spread awareness about your brand. This helps gain traffic from the host site to your site, build great quality backlinks and increase SEO score. It is a widely respected strategy as it is always better when someone else is spreading your word from their platform. 

In this article, we look at Six Blogger Outreach strategies that help in maximizing the potential of link building. 

1. Find Industry Related Bloggers-

For Google, relevancy has become the new watchword. The first rule of link building through blogger outreach is using platforms that are related to your brand. If you are a clothing brand, putting your content on a tech platform does not make any sense. 

No matter how specific your market, you will always find content platforms that are related. This will help you get access to an audience base that is already interested in the niche. By becoming a part of the eco-system, you will engage with publishers and audiences familiar with your industry. 

2. Set your Blogger Outreach Targets-

It is crucial that you set your blogger outreach endgame well in advance. While some people approach blogger outreach solely with the aim of link building, others do it for exposure. For link building, you need to decide between bloggers who will give you a ‘no-follow’ or a ‘do-follow’.

If the need of the hour is increasing your SEO score and metrics, it is a do-follow link, which you should seek. If you are after the best industry authority sites, exposure and meaningful engagement then a do-follow is your best bet. However, you should ensure that the metrics of the blogger’s site is good for effective link building. 

3. Do Personalized Outreach-

Creating an email template and outreaching is going to land you nowhere. Your outreach strategy should be a mix of email, social media, and website. The emails need to explain what you are looking for. You also need to mention what is in it for the blogger. 

It is imperative that you engage with the blogger on his social media pages. Following, liking posts, and commenting on posts is critical to establish your recall. The engagement does not stop there. If you like a website, you should be a regular visitor and comment on the articles that are published on the blogger’s site. 

4. Create Quality Content for Link Building-

When Bill Gates wrote his seminal essay ion 1996 entitled, “Content Is King,” he was not lying. For any publisher to accept your content, it need to be original, informative and grammatically correct. 

Investing in quality content will help your chances of getting your article accepted more. A good start would be to read about the guidelines of content that most bloggers have on their website. Once you familiarise yourself, you need to create stellar content that stands out. 

5. Take help from a Blogger Outreach Service Agency-

Most of the time you will not get the time to do all the things by yourself. In such instances, it makes sense to take the help of experts to do the work for you. Working with blogger outreach service agencies has many benefits. 

Firstly, being familiar in the industry, they have already established relationships with the best. Secondly, they are experts in understanding the needs of what your business requires- guest posting, sponsored posting or link building. Lastly, link building through high authority sites requires expertise that some of the best blogger outreach service platforms possess. 

6. Permanent Backlinks are Important-

During the negotiation stage, make sure that you agree on permanent backlinks. This is probably the most often abused feature of the link building industry. I have often seen individuals getting manipulated and misled by publishers in this regard. 

This is also a feature where a blogger outreach agency can be a great asset. By already having relationships with bloggers, it is difficult for bloggers to renege on their deal with agencies. By enlisting the support of blogger outreach agencies, you are most likely to get a permanent in-content backlink. 


Link Building through an effective Blogger Outreach strategy will help you increase the metrics of your website. More importantly, it will help you climb Google’s Search Engine Rankings Page (SERPs). Patience also needs to be a virtue in this regard. This is a slow digital marketing strategy, but it is one of the most effective.