The threat cyber attacks pose to businesses in the UK is on the increase. The effects of cyber crime are shown in the Cybercrime Report of 2018, which reported that by 2021, cybercrime will cost the world £4 trillion yearly, an increase from £2 trillion in 2015. A recent survey conducted by the Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport indicates that 43 percent of businesses and 19 percent of charities have been attacked by cyber criminals in the last 12 months. 

Many companies have been created over the years with the aim of combating cybercrime in the UK such as IT support firms in London and Hertfordshire

Amazing Support is one of the best providers of solutions aimed at detecting and protection companies from cyber attacks. Through our IT Support and Cyber Security services, we have helped many companies in and around London to properly strengthen security and protect their digital data.

With the aim of providing solutions to defeat cyber threats, Amazing Support has created an article and infographic to show business owners how to deal with four of the biggest cyber threats encountered in the UK. A brief insight is shown below:

1. The Ransomware/Cryptolocker Attack:
How to deal with this:
Have an antivirus installed and regularly maintained
Ensure that web-filtering definitions are maintained
Provide your staff with training on cybersecurity 
Ensure that you backup your files at least every 30 days
Make sure your computers on a network are updated and patched

2. Email Phishing 
How to fix and prevent this:
Make sure you have email filtering in place
Educated your staff on what to look out for and red flags to avoid
Secure your passwords
Before following a link, properly check the URL
Regularly update your web browsers

3. Online Extortion
How to prevent this
While setting a password, make sure it isn’t easy to guess
While using a computer with a webcam, always cover or disable it while not in use

4. Zero Day Attacks
Measures to fix and prevent this
Make use of the latest operating systems for your computers 
Regularly update all security patching 
Ensure all operating systems, browsers and security software are properly configured 
Train your staff on how to practice safe online security habits
Although the scale of attacks might vary depending on the size of a business, the dangers businesses face are all the same. By following these concise cyber security strategies, most threats can be defeated.