Panawe Batanado, Senior Software Analyst Shares 5 Under-the-Radar Developer Tools Every Coder Ought to Know About
From writing code for an in-development startup to building your own mobile or web application, a software developer's job is never done. The faster you can create code, the more you can accomplish in a day and the quicker you can move onto new projects.

Thanks to entrepreneurs in the developer tools space, there are now more resources for coders than ever before. If you're a programmer who wants to boost your skills (and potentially increase your earning abilities), paying attention to under-the-radar tools for developers is essential. Check out the following roundup of up-and-coming developer resources, given by long-time software analyst expert, Panawe Batanado. You just might find a tool or two you can integrate into your modus operandi.
If you only add one resource to your developer's toolbox, D2C just might be your best option. D2C offers process automation and integrates with a myriad of platforms including MongoDB, MySQL, Python, Node.js, Go, Ruby, PHP, and Nginx. Once you discover the power and speed of D2C, you'll wonder how you ever created code without it.
If you like the idea of a project management interface for software development, Enigma is a cool tool to discover. Like Trello for software developers, Enigma lets you track everything from your in-development projects to your approval pending and completed projects. Add team members to your code creation projects, upload files, and track milestones throughout your development process.
( offers vulnerability scanning as a service. Scan your app builds to uncover potential problems before they affect your software. is built upon an open API.
CodeGiant offers an all-in-one code creation and code testing platform for developers. Host your Git code, track ongoing issues with your repositories, and document your code creations via one central platform. CodeGiant can be used by individual programmers or can be used by teams of coders who are focused on agility. If you're looking for a new place to host and test your code now that GitHub has been acquired by Microsoft, CodeGiant might be just what you need.
Mock All the Things
Mock All the Things provides test mocking for developers. Spend less time creating tests for your code and more time writing code. Mock All the Things uses algorithms to help you create the necessary mock-up tests for the code you've written, allowing you to ensure your code is performing as expected. If you're a code creator who wants to reduce the amount of time you spend writing code tests, this might be just the tool you've been hunting for.
Improving your skill sets as a programmer is one of the best ways to increase your earning capabilities. The more tools you have at your disposal, the faster you can create code and impress your employer/clients. Will you be adding any of these resources to your developer's bag of tricks?

About Panawe Batanado:

Currently working as Senior Principal Software Analyst, Panawe Batanado is a seasoned professional with a proven track record of developing supply chain software solutions for Manhattan Associates’ clients across the US and Canada, including Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, Home Depot, Target, Walgreens, Whirlpool and Kohl’s.