Lithium Polymer Batteries are rechargeable batteries made by using the Lithium-ion technology. These type of batteries use a polymer electrolyte in the place of a liquid electrolyte for better functioning and increased efficiency. Gel polymers are often used in the production of lithium-ion batteries and they have their own particular benefits.

    If you are planning to use a lithium polymer battery, you should first study about its possible benefits and drawbacks to make the most out of this technology. The usage and sales of lithium polymer batteries has recently seen a huge surge thanks to all the advantages they offer over their conventional counterparts. Here are some of the main benefits of using a lithium polymer battery.

Advantages of using Lithium Polymer Batteries:

    There are countless benefits that you can get from lithium polymer battery if you use it the right way. But here are some major benefits.

High Energy Density:

    High energy density is one of the biggest benefits of lithium polymer batteries. With every passing day, the new technology like our smart phones, tablets and laptops require a good battery life to be the best products. With this ever-increasing demand of more efficient and longer lasting batteries, lithium polymer batteries have proven to be the best alternative to the conventional batteries. High energy density of lithium polymer batteries make them a perfect choice for the electric vehicle which are becoming more common on the roads these days.

Lower self-discharge rate:

    The problem with many conventional batteries is that they self-discharge very fast. The take a long time to charge and are easily drained.

    A great advantage of lithium polymer batteries is that their rate of self-discharge is very low. They often last months before self-discharging. Their latest technology, high energy density and quality materials help them retain their juice for a much longer time.

They are versatile:

    In contrast to the conventional batteries, lithium polymer batteries are really versatile. This means that a wide variety of these batteries is available in the market and you can choose a type that fits your purpose the best.

    Different types of lithium polymer batteries are used in all the electronics and they can also be improved with time to increase their efficiency and storage power. Moreover, the energy density of these lithium polymer batteries can also be adjusted to fit the product they’re being used in.

Low maintenance cost:

    The maintenance of lithium polymer batteries literally costs you nothing. They are so easy to use that they don’t even require priming the first time they receive a charge. Also they don’t exhibit the memory effect like some other types of batteries. This way, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of a lithium polymer battery.

A Bonus Tip:

    So, you’ve read all the advantages of lithium polymer batteries and have planned to buy one. But remember that the place your battery from can affect its efficiency and life period big time due to the quality of the materials used in its making.

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