Solar power is a big thing nowadays. Many people use the solar energy as either their primary electricity source, or use them as a reliable backup option in the case of an emergency. Many electronic equipment Air conditioners, fridges and irons require a DC (direct current) connection to operate.

Cons Of Lead Acid Batteries:

    To change the AC (alternating current) into a DC output. You require a battery that converts and stored the energy for later use. For decades, AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) lead acid batteries were the only available option in the market. However, they were notorious for their low efficiency, mediocre performance, high maintenance costs and less lifespan.

    The main problem with these conventional lead acid batteries was that they were the only available option. These batteries struggled to perform in high and low temperatures, they were very heavy and hard to move around, and were huge in size. These problems forced the users to check and replace the lead acid batteries annually, the labor costs were very high and many other possibilities were present.

Pros Of LifePO4 Batteries:

LifePO4 or Lithium Iron Phosphate have many advantages over their old and I efficient counterparts. Here are some major benefits.

Longer Lifespan:

12v LifePO4 batteries last much longer than the conventional lead acid batteries. Their lifespan is over 10 times greater than other batteries. Longer lifespan of these batteries allow you to recover the installation, maintenance and labor costs by using them for a longer time period.

    With a battery like LifePO4 which lasts much longer than the lead acid cell, you don’t need to frequently check and replace your batteries. So, LifePO4 batteries give you a good ROI (return on investment).


    Since LifePO4 uses the latest technology and pure, high quality materials, it is very efficient, easy to charge and less resistant than other types of batteries. Less resistance and faster charging means less energy is lost in the process, and your solar panels also work well with this efficient technology to last longer together.

    LifePO4 batteries also operate very smoothly, so, you don’t have to worry about any unwanted surprises. They last longer and are much more efficient than lead acid batteries.


    Since weight is one of the major problems of the lead acid batteries, we considered it necessary to mention that a LifePO4 battery of the same size as a Lead Acid battery weighs 4 times lesser. So, they are much easier to work with and install at any desirable location due to their lightweight. So, this feature solves a big problem.

More Capacity, Less Space:

    While a LifePO4 of the same size as a lead acid weighs 4 times lesser, it has twice as much capacity as the lead acid battery. So, 2 times greater capacity in a lesser space is also a worth mentioning feature, because space is a big problem for most of the offices and homes.

    These were some of the worth mentioning features of the LifePO4 batteries. However, you can view more details about the different LifePO4 batteries and their capacity.