Most institutions spend thousands of dollars annually on paying transcribers. This is something that can be avoided if such institutions opt to use audio to text software. The use of audio to text transcribers has been on the rise in the past decade. Most institutions now including schools, hospitals, and private businesses use audio to text software for transcribing. There are many benefits of using such software instead of hiring transcribers.   


To Large Audience  If you want to reach more people with your content, using transcription software will help you achieve that. In the US alone, more than 35million people rely on transcription to enjoy recorded content. This is a large group of people who are not fluent in English but can hear and read the text to cover up for the accent. The same applies to millions of other people globally. If you are a marketer, blogger or an online content creator, you must start using audio to text converter online to pass your message to a large audience. 

2.Helps Boost Your Search Engine Ranking 

Transcribing is the only way to have your content ranking on search engines. Most of the people searching the internet do not use voice search. Most importantly, search engines rank based on keywords. Having the content in the text helps to increase your keyword count and gives you a chance of ranking high. Simple audio that has not been transcribed cannot be found by search engines. Instead of struggling to meet your traffic targets, simply transcribe audio to text using Audext or any other transcribing tool to get the work done.

3. Repurpose content

There is a difference between having the right information and having the right content. Internet users consume different forms of content. There are individuals who love watching videos, while others enjoy reading. To be able to serve all your prospective content consumers, you should use your audio to create multipurpose media. The recording is just a seed that can be used to create infographics, social media quotes, user guides among others. Using a transcription tool will help you change the sound and feel of your podcasts or any other form of audio into entertaining content. 

4. Increase shares

When you convert audio file to text, you increase the chances of sharing. People who enjoy reading instead of listening will share it on their blogs and social media. People can also publish your content on their websites and reference back to your website. This is an important marketing strategy that is used by most startups. People sharing your content with others is the easiest way to grow your brand without spending money on advertisements.  Audex is the leading audio to text converter in the market. 

Given that this software only specializes in the conversion of audio files, it stands out as the most effective audio to text converter online. It is efficient and offers the highest accuracy. With that said, it is important to note that Audex does not convert text to audio or transcribe noisy audio.Audio to text transcription software Audext transcribes clean audio such as conferences, lectures, or public speech. Noisy audio may include music with instruments in the background or crowd shouting such as cheer groups.  After transcribing the text, Audex can be used to edit the text on your website directly. This software offers high precision such that when you click on a word the audio will play from that word. 

This AI empowered tool can also detect the speaking format and tone of a person such that each word is said exactly as the speaker would say it.  When To Use Audex There are many people who need to convert audio file to text. 

Some of the people who may benefit from this software include:  

Journalists during interviews, press conferences and when delivering podcasts.  
Students and lecturers who have to write long hours during class time. Students can transcribe the lecture instead of copying notes. 
Audex can be used to record voice memos- this is especially important in an office setting. Recorded memos can be transferred to the desktop and transcribed for distribution to other departments.  
Doctors can use transcription tools to record patient data.  

We cannot downplay the importance of transcription in daily business. With the use of Audex, many organizations are already saving thousands of dollars. It is time for you to take action and start using transcription software to reduce your wage bill.