Blogging has always fascinated me as a profession, and I’ve loved it throughout my life and treated it like my passion. But passion too takes away your time, social life and money, so, you better be earning when pursuing your passion or otherwise, You’d wasting your finite time.

    As far as my passions “Blogs and Online Marketing” are concerned, I have set me some blogs and luckily one of them is doing fine now. It means that I should consider this a small success. I’ve successfully ranked my blog, and here are some rules that Sourajit Saha (me) followed to make this happen. Stick to them and you’re bound to succeed.

Find a Niche:

    Blogging is all about finding a niche and ranking your website in a certain keyword of that niche. Low competition keywords are usually easy to rank against. Various niches include beauty, fashion, health, parenting, tech etc.

    I post tutorials and how-tos on my blog, through this specific genre of content, I’ve successfully built a reasonably big audience. You can do that too by choosing a specific niche before even buying a domain name.

Self promote:

    Self promotion is necessary when you’re finding your way up. This allows you to spread the word about your personality, personal achievements, awards etc. that tell other people about your competence and caliber.

    Self promotion also helps you make  a soft image of yourself in the market. I also use platforms like Instagram for self promotion. I post multiple pictures a day to keep the followers updated, and attract more followers to then intimately redirect them to my blog. Cool, isn’t it!

Quality Content:

    Many say, “Content is the king”, but with respect, I disagree. In today’s world, I’d say quality is the king. Google analyzes the quality and usefulness of your blogs and reviews the status of your monetization. If you post quality content regularly, it won’t take long for you to start earning some revenue from your blog.

Post regularly:

    Quality is the king, no doubt, but frequency of your blog posts also matters. You’d always try to post quality content on a regular bases if your ultimate plan is to succeed in this blogging game.

    I too have always tried to post articles on a daily bases, this allowed me to build a solid, returning audience. So, target a specific area (niche) and post relevant, quality content on a regular bases.

Be patient:

    This is a big one. Patience is the number one thing that you’ll desperately need throughout your blogging career. Choose a good domain name, build your blog beautifully, make it sticky, post quality content regularly and then what? “Be Patient” and let your content work for you. If it’s good enough, you’ll start seeing the results within days or weeks.

    I too used this tactic and it’s the main reason why I have a successful blog today that is paying off my hard work in the shape of revenue, followers and public trust. Nothing happens overnight, so, work hard and be patient, things would be way better if you do.