Are you searching for the most feasible way on how to Track a cell phone? Hoverwatch phone tracker for Android is one of the famous, simple to use spying app for smartphones devices. The tool can trace the exact location of your phone if it gets stolen or misplaced.

Hoverwatch will allow you to spy on target phones and the persons using them. The tool is incorporated with E911 and GPS capabilities, pings, and cell phone towers. All these unique features will help you in spying on Android devices.

Due to many unreliable phone trackers in the market, it’s essential always to be cautious when selecting a spying app. So far, Hoverwatch is one of the most reliable tools available.

What’s Hoverwatch? 

Hoverwatch is convenient, one of the best and powerful surveillance software. The application is undetectable on the phone due to its unique stealth mode functionality.

Hoverwatch phone tracker can help you spy on every activity performed on your device or someone else’s smartphone. It tracks both incoming and outgoing messages and calls, chats GPS location among others.

Why Use Hoverwatch to Track A Phone 

Hoverwatch program has many benefits. The tool can help you monitor or spy on your kids’ social media and internet activities.

The tool can also help you in protecting your confidential information. This is so especially if you’re concerned about the safety of your private files and emails.

When someone tries to access your data through your smartphone without your consent, Hoverwatch phone tracker will notify you of the attempt. 

The program can also be helpful in companies and organizations. It’ll spy on how the workers are using the company’s data and communication tools.

Most spying apps are designed to spy only messages. Others are developed to focus on a single phone tracking aspect. But Hoverwatch program allows you to track all smartphones operations, and at ease. The software is an ideal spying app for monitoring phone activities around you.

Do I Need to Root the Phone I’m Tracking? 

What makes Hoverwatch unique over other phone tracker applications is that you don’t need to root or jailbreak the smartphone you’re installing the app. This makes the program more convenient to use.

Also, you don’t require to install the program on your computer for you to access the recorded activities. You can view the messages, calls, chats, web history and shared videos by logging in into your Hoverwatch account using your smartphone.

How to Track a Cell Phone with Hoverwatch Phone Tracker for Android 

Hoverwatch phone tracker app is simple to use. As long as you can operate a smartphone, you’ll be capable of utilizing the phone tracker.

Once you download the software, you’ll receive a PIN that will allow you to launch the program. The installation process is also easy to follow. You don’t require expertise in software operation skills.

3 Steps to Follow to Install the App 

1. Sign up for Hoverwatch free account. You’ll need a password and an active email address.
2. Download Hoverwatch app on the targeted smartphone.
3. After launching the toolkit, log in into your free account. Track the operation of the target phones and their locations through Hoverwatch dashboard.

Hoverwatch Features 

This program has many useful functions, if you write everything about them it will turn out to be a good book. We list the most popular and used functions of the application.

Automatic SMS and Call Tracking 

The spying tool can track the details of all incoming or outgoing calls. The recorded information will be accessible on your Hoverwatch account’s dashboard.

Hoverwatch phone tracker can give you the lists of sent and received text messages. Even if the target user deletes the information, you’ll be sure to get the details.

Automatic Selfie 

The software will take a picture of the person handling the phone using the front camera. This is so especially when someone else unlocks your device.

Contact Database Management 

This spy app can also review the saved contact list on the target phone. It’ll track details such as emails addresses and home address of every contact on the smartphone.

Tab on Instant Messaging Apps 

The tool can spy on all messaging apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. It’ll record information such as videos, images and other shared files.

Track SIM Card Changes 

The software is perfect in tracking the changing of SIM cards on the target phone. Also, it’ll alert you when it detects a SIM change activity.

Invisible Operation 

Hoverwatch program operates under invisible mode. Thus, phone offenders or unauthorized users will not be aware that the handset is being monitored.

Location Tracking 

Hoverwatch enables you to track the locations of the targeted phones through GPS feature. You’ll be notified on the exact phone location in real time. The feature is efficient in spying the employee’s travel itinerary.

Remote Functionality 

You can also manage the spying software remotely. This feature enables you to monitor the target device from any location and at any time.

Reasons Why You’d Want to Use Hoverwatch 

Parenting at this technology and internet age can be challenging. This’s because you can try every means to stay close to your loved ones but still fail to know what they’re doing or planning.

Children will often lie to protect you or themselves. Thus, every parent needs a spy app for Android to gather accurate information about their kids. This’s because children will share their emotions and private information with friends via phones.

You’re an Employer 

Most companies issue employees with phones to help them in the daily running of the company. But some workers may abuse and misuse these devices.

Thus, it's essential to track employees’ activities. By doing so, you’ll know whether your workers are sharing confidential information with your competitors or using company assets for personal gain.

Hoverwatch Pros and Cons 


• Hoverwatch has affordable pricing options.
• The tool is compatible with multiple devices including Mac, Windows, and Androids.
• It operates in a hidden mode, a feature that makes Hoverwatch stand out among other phone trackers.


• Not available for iOS devices.
• You’ll require physical access of the device to install the application.


Hoverwatch is an excellent way on how to Track a cell phone. It can safeguard the interests of your kids, family members or your company. This phone tracker for Android is a top choice for all your smartphone monitoring needs.