It’s an interesting time in media today. As soon as we got the technology to deliver content to us through our phones or via HD 4K television, we’ve become very picky about the kind of shows, films, and music we digest. This is why most producers and networks make it a point to pick the right visual editors, and directors. But more importantly, we’re also very demanding about the sounds and music we listen to. 


What we want is to hear the full orchestra of the Game of Thrones main theme or listen to that soulful bass in the latest Childish Gambino track. We want to feel the ebb and flow of sound and not feel like our ears are being muffled by headphones covered in plastic bag. 

There are a lot of headphones out there promising to deliver the content we demand, but there’s only three brand names that keep standing out: Beats, Sony, and Bose.

Sound quality

Beats, Sony, and Bose all have a defining feature when it comes to sound quality. With Beats headphones, some models of which are available online at Harvey Norman, deliver a heavy-bass sound. It’s really what the Beats headphones are known for, definitely perfect for listening to music. However, not a lot of people are into heavy-bass sounds, which means it can be vexing for some people, especially those who use headphones mostly for Netflix streaming.

Bose headphones, on the other hand, have a more refined sound quality. It prides itself in delivering a balanced audio reproduction that doesn’t need an equaliser to make sound good. Plus, it doesn’t have the heavy-bass thumping that the Beats headphones are known for. 

But it’s Sony that takes the cake when it comes to sound mainly because it lets you control the listening experience. Users are provided with controls to adjust low, mid, and high ranges. So you can have the best of both the Beats and Bose headphones by manually adjusting the controls.


Noise cancellation

Most of us don’t want to be disturbed when our headphones are on, which is why noise cancellation has become an important feature when choosing headphones.

For this both Beats and Bose are competing for the best headphones. Beats automatically adjusts its noise cancellation depending on the ambient noise. However, echoing what most tech-heads are saying, Bose should definitely be your main choice. Not only does it muffle and drown out all the outside noise, it plays your music at the exact opposite frequency of the noise so that you won’t have to increase the volume and potentially damage your hearing.


Headphones hurt our ears when you’ve been using it for a long time, which is why comfortability, along with sound quality, is what people look for when purchasing a new pair. Sony’s ear fit feels decent all around. Beats’ design is good for workouts. But Bose doesn’t just have well-fitted ear cups, it’s also very light.

At the end of the day, your choice of headphones are a matter of preference. Make sure you not only consider these points, but also try them out to see which sound and comfortability you want.