Cities all over the world are becoming more and more crowded. Wherever an available urban land area is, another skyscraper crops up. Sacramento is no different. You could see office buildings and residential condominium buildings seemingly racing to reach the sky with their multiple floor levels. If you’re a building owner, you’d understand that due to limited land area, building expansion is only possible by adding another story. The higher your building gets, the more you need to have an elevator installed on your building. And there are plenty of reasons why installing an elevator in your building can be a good investment for you.

Convenience and Mobility

The most obvious benefit that you can get from an elevator installation is convenience. It’s convenient for you, your tenants, and your employees. It’s easier and faster for them to move from one floor to another. It’s also easier to move heavy loads around the building. You’re giving them the time and comfort to get things done. Your customers and employees will be happier, so your business will benefit from this the most. If you own a hotel building or a condominium, your guests or residents will love their stay as they can easily bring their luggage and move about in no time. More guests will come to stay, and this will help bring more revenue to your business.

Support for Seniors and PWDs

If you have seniors or disabled persons in your building, they can appreciate it when there’s an elevator they can use. You can even go the extra mile and have Nationwide Lifts of Northern California install small elevators inside residential units. You can have these units available for seniors, persons with disabilities, injured individuals, and families with active toddlers or infants. If your building is for commercial purposes, you can attract companies to rent your office spaces when they know that you care enough for persons with injuries or disabilities.  

It Promotes Safety

Part of building management is maintaining building safety. It’s a very important criterion that building inspectors in Sacramento have to check. If you fail these annual inspections, you could lose your building permit. This could affect your business or deter tenants from renting space in your building. If you want to avoid this from happening, you need to have an elevator installed. Aside from building permit compliance, an elevator also helps prevent accidents related to slipping on stairways. This saves you the cost of hospitalization and damage compensation. This is particularly important for a residential building as well. You can give residents more assurance when there’s an elevator in your building and it also attracts more tenants.

Adds an Aesthetic Feature

Building architecture and design are aspects that you have to consider when having a structure built. You can make your building look more desirable by combining functionality with beauty. Glass elevators are becoming a trend nowadays. If you have a glass elevator installed in your building, this can help eliminate the feeling of claustrophobia as it can give them an impression of being outside the four walls. This is especially true if your elevator is exposed to the outside view. You can take this opportunity and treat your visitors, residents, and employees to the beautiful view of Sacramento.

It Adds Value to Your Property

Perhaps the most significant financial impact of an elevator is how it can add value to your property. There will come a time when you’ll have to sell your multi-story building. Maybe you’ll decide to move to another state or find a new property to invest in. Whatever the reason you’ll have in the future to sell your building, you’d want to get a high price for it once it becomes available in the real estate market. One way to do this is by making renovations on your building, the more improvements there are, the higher it’s resale value. Elevator installation is one necessary renovation that you have to add to your building improvement list. So, for sure, installing an elevator can add more market resale value to your property when the right time comes.


Owning a property can be challenging as it requires proper maintenance. You have to invest real money and time after all. It’s only right to make wise investment decisions. Elevators have become a default part of any multi-story building for years, but it still makes sense to have an elevator installed by a reliable seller and installer. As a responsible building proprietor, your responsibility goes beyond the day the elevator is installed. You have to be accountable for the upkeep of the elevator, so it stays functional, safe, and convenient to use.